My birthday necklace-18K Gold & Labradorite

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    Every year for my birthday I make myself a necklace with the same number of stone beads as my number of years (43 this year). This year, I decided to use solid 18k yellow gold wire with the labradorite stones, and to make a coiled wire centerpiece. I love how it feels like an ancient necklace, even though it is brand new. Like something you would see in a museum. Here is the result:

    anyway, thanks for looking!
    FebFullMoon1Scaled.jpg FebFullMoon2Scaled.jpg
  2. What a great idea; you're always sure which birthday you made it. The necklace is beautiful, where it in good health. Happy Birthday.
  3. Thanks!:biggrin:
  4. I washed my hands and now I can't do a thing with them ;) ; I meant WEAR it in good health.:yes:

  5. What a lovely idea, you must have a great collection!
  6. Thats so creative! Happy B-day. Enjoy.
  7. I started doing this for my 40th, so I only have 4 so far, but this year's is the best by far! I'm so hooked on 18k wire! I love the color! I have my eye on some 22k heart shaped granulated beads to make some earrings for valentine's day ( DH and my anniversary - we are such romantics) to match my necklace (I have some faceted tear drop labradorite briolettes that would look stunning hanging off the hearts). So, I have been spending my spare $$ on materials to make jewelry, instead of purses, but I have been having SO MUCH FUN! It is fun for me to share it with you, too!
  8. Wow, that is beautiful! Happy Birthday, too! I would love to see the other 3 necklaces if you ever feel like posting pictures.
  9. That is beautiful! Happy birthday! The heart earrings sound lovely too. I hope you share those pics with us!
  10. That's so pretty. You're very talented!
  11. Gorgeous! Labradorite is such an amazing stone and when you find a good piece the color just glows from within. You did a great job! Maybe I should start making myself a fancy necklace every year. LOL
  12. Thanks all!

    I will definitely take pics of the earrings, and my other b-day necklaces, too.

    Megan, you should start making necklaces for yourself for your birthday. I only wish I had started earlier! I make them on my actual birthday, so it is part of my celebration. Very fun!
  13. Your necklace is absolutely fabulous Pippi- it looks like something out of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance! Have I mentioned how I can't wait to get my earrings?

  14. It's my princess necklace. :lol: Your earrings are on the way!
  15. That is so nice!