my birthday mulberry!

  1. This morning I opened my birthday pressies, and the best one by far is a lovely chocolate Antony from my sweet DH. Isn't it a beauty? I had thought I wanted black, but he got me the dark chocolate color instead, and it's so deep and's too pretty to exchange. I already have a black Darwin Bayswater, so I think I'll keep the brown Antony.

    It's particularly appropriate and special because DH is from southwest England (as is Antony), and his name is Tony.:heart: I can't wait to wear it - will be the perfect small, hands-free bag for shopping and travel!

    With flash:

    Yummy Darwin detail:

    No flash....looks like delicious chocolate!
  2. Great bag. Congrats!!! And happy B-Day
  3. oooooh!!!! Lovely and Happy Birthday!!!!! Chocolate looks good enough to eat!!!
  4. Super bag,Happy Birthday.
  5. Happy birthday! :party:
    And congratulations on your new Antony!
  6. Happy Birthday!! :party:Gorgeous bag:happydance:,and what a clever DH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:king:
  7. Happy Birthday- Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  8. Happy Birthday! I love my choco Antony but am thinking of getting the strap changed from the beige one it came with to the choco one that yours has!!!
  9. Congratulations and happy birthday. What a great DH!
  10. That would be a good idea to 're-vamp' your bag,looks lovely on the choc strap!!! It would be like having a new bag again!!:tup:
  11. Mulberry quoted me £50 ! (cheaper than a new bag I suppose)
  12. Ouch!!! Thats a bit harsh!!! £50 is no small amount!:wtf:
  13. Thanks everyone! I really am tickled, with both my DH and my Antony.

    £50 does seem like a lot for just a new strap, but if the old one gets dingy it might well be worth it.
  14. What a lovely and thoughtful gift from your DH!
    Happy B-day and you'll have many wonderful memories carrying your great bag!
  15. Congrats! Love your other bags as well, saw them in the showcase. Your Anthony is a great addition.