My birthday mini Coach haul!

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  1. Hi Coachies!
    Tomorrow is my birthday but I'm celebrating today (i have to drive back to school tomorrow) so I went to Coach and picked up my most wanted accessories!!

    No strip teasing from me!
  2. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine's tomorrow too! I love your accessories! That sig stripe wristlet is super super cute! And all your colors are SO perfect for spring/summer! Congrats and happy bday again! :balloon::balloon:
  3. Thank you so much! Happy almost birthday to you too!!
  4. Do you girls think that I could tie the pony scarf on the pink sig stripe tote? I'm not sure if it would match...I guess I should have compared when I was @ Coach.
  5. Happy Birthday!! I love your new goodies! Nothing better than buying Coach for your own B'day (I bought myself the Tattersall Satchel :P )
    I love the bright colors! Enjoy!
  6. Yay!!!

    Happy Birthday!

    I love the daisy (almost bought that one day) and the perfume print scarf is awesome too! its fun! I love the new print and i hope to see it on a bag or two this sprint/summer!

  7. love it. i got that wristlet right when it came out and i cant go back to using my other ones! i love all the stuff you got!
  8. Thanks girls!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! cute stuff enjoy.
  10. Happy B-day! Love the flower charm!
  11. Happy Birthday!! I love that charm!
  12. Congrats and Happy Birthday!! Very cute haul - love the color of the Sig Stripe and very nice scarf.
  13. Happy Birthday! I have the same flower charm and love it! I really like the wristlet too! I think the perfume print scarf will look good with the sig. stripe tote (I'm saying this based on how the scarf looks up against the wristlet).
  14. Happy birthday. I love all of your accessories ! I don't know about the scarf on the tote though, It may be too much sig going on and clash with the regular brown c's. I would just use your charm if the hardware matches.
  15. Happy Birthday! I love everything you got! Congrats!