My Birthday Legacy Goodies!!! Pics Inside!

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  1. My Birthday was a few days ago and I was really spoiled this year! I was given some money (which is rare!) so I thought, what better thing to spend it on than Coach!!! Plus, a few weeks before my Bday, I received the Graphite/Berry Textured Candace as an early birthday gift! It's been a very Coach Birthday!!:smile:

    Here's my Large Legacy Wristlet in Platinum, love this as it will go with absolutely everything!
    I have a thing for zippy wallets, so I had to get the Ocelot/Carnelian zippy wallet - I love me some animal print!
    And, last, but not least, Coach has made e-reader cases!!! They had the pink, platinum and ultra violet. Since the case I've had for a few years is pink, I went with the UV. I'm am totally loving this color!!!! My Nook fits perfectly and this is much more compact/slimmer than my previous Nook case.
    Thanks for looking!!!
  2. :drinkup: Happy Birthday to YOU!

    Lovely Birthday pickin's! That e-reader case is so cute!
  3. Thank you!
    I LOVE the e-reader case. It will fit into my bags perfectly without taking up too much room like my old case did. Nook is charging now, can't wait to put her in the case (ya I know, I'm a dork!!).
  4. Happy birthday and cute presents!!
  5. Love your goodies! I don't have any kind of e-reader but I wonder if those cases could be used for anything else?
  6. I am looking forward to getting new iPad Mini. I hope the e-reader case will be the right size!
  7. Happy birthday :balloon: love your goodies, the platinum is gorgeous..does that color come in a smaller size ?
  8. Oooo, what is this iPad Mini you speak of??? Haven't heard about that!
  9. Thank you

    I was thinking the same thing, that if I got tired of the case, what else could I use it for? I'm sure there's something!!!

    Yes, it comes in the smaller size. Call your outlet, as it will be showing up there next week.
  10. Happy Birthday!:party:
    I love the legacy colors, and how great they all look together!
    I have two of the wristlets (emerald and black cherry), and I love them.
  11. those are some nice items .... :smile:
  12. Happy Birthday, love all your goodies.
  13. Love your birthday gifts.
  14. HappY BirthdaY!!! Love your goodies :balloon::Presents