My birthday Kelly - what is it??

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  1. My sweet hubby ordered this lovely Kelly 32 for me for my birthday. He knows I have wanted a happy red Birkin or Kelly and decided to surprise me. He has only sent me this pic and it has not arrived yet.

    I'm a Hermes newbie -- Can any of you amazing experts fill me in on what color or leather it is? I'm so excited and dying for more details!

    Thank you soooo much! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464995843.479403.jpg
  2. it looks like a box to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! what a perfect bday gift
  3. Wonderful gift. It is vintage. So it might be Gulliver as well, Rouge VIF, too.

    Happy birthday and wear it in the BEST of health. She's a beauty!!!
  4. i am so happy for you your DH is a keeper!
  5. + 1, gulliver leather or box, rouge vif. Beautiful bag happy birthday:Partyhat:
  6. Awesome dh and k
    How exciting smiling all the way lol
  7. Congrats, sweet hubby...

    Great condition! Looks like box, rouge vif
  8. What a gorgeous K and sweet DH! Happy birthday dear! Enjoy
  9. Wow! I don't know the color but u have an amazing hubby and that bag is beautiful! Happy birthday!!
  10. Thank you soooo much for all your sweet comments! You ladies are the best.

    Hubby is sweet...and I think he is tired of me talking about getting an h bag!

    Is this bag delicate? Should I baby it? Any care tips?
    Is 32 size easy to wear?
    Also how do you know it is vintage?
    (Total newbie here!)
  11. Also is this a dressy bag or casual day bag? I wear a lot of jeans so I was just wondering...thanks!!
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    Gorgeous bag!! I love EVERYTHING about it!! You're so lucky to have a husband who gives you such a beautiful gift. Wear it in good health!! :drinkup:

    It will be fabulous with jeans!!

    Off topic, but why is there a hyperlink to "jeans"? Some way of advertising?
  13. Congrats, great birthday gift!
  14. 32 cm is a very easy size to wear.
    If it's box, then I'd do a Docride treatment and be careful in the rain. If it's Gulliver, then rain is not as much of an issue.

    I will PM you with the detail why your bag is vintage.
  15. Rouge Vif box calf, gold hardware, retourné (stitches inside, meaning the artisan stitches the bag and then literally flips it inside-out). Retourné box calf is a great combo as the bag fits a bit more but retains a lot of structure.
    (I don't think it's Gulliver leather given the stitching, but it is possible.)

    You have an awesome DH with great taste as this is a truly classic Kelly. This is a classic lipstick red. You can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or out to dinner. 32cm is a very versatile size. There is a thread on "how to wear a Kelly casually" that will give you lots of ideas and photos. :heart: I have a dark red box calf Kelly and it is my favorite of all my bags.

    Box calf is THE classic Hermés leather. It does scratch but the scratches blend. It is about to go out of regular production, so box bags are even more special now. If your bag is box calf I concur, do a waterproofing treatment. There is an Ode to Box Calf thread and a Box Calf Through the Ages thread, both of which will tell you a lot about this leather.

    Your bag is pre-2000 as it does not have double loops for a strap - however you can still order either an Hermès or non-H (easier, cheaper) strap for a shoulder carry. I could not tell you if it's vintage (some say vintage means 20 years old, some say 30 or 35), but I am sure EB will fill you in as to her conclusion.