my birthday is in 2 weeks!

  1. My birthday is in 2 weeks and i need a present for myself. I'm thinking to get a new bag. My price range is under $1000 CAD so thats around $900? $800 US. any suggestion would be great :heart: thanks alot :yahoo:
  2. Not sure what all you have... but I would get a Popincourt Haut!!!
  3. try the Batignolles horizontal or the papillon 30
  4. im a big fan of the damier pap 30. i think its the perfect size
  5. PH or Damier Pap 30 :heart:
  6. Batignolles horizontal
  7. :yahoo: Happy early Birthday!

    I don't know what's in your collection already, but here are some bags which I think are totally drool-worthy:

    1. Mono Speedy 25 or 30
    2. Batignolles Horizontal
    3. Petite Mono Bucket
    4. Framboise Bedford :love:
    5. Mini Lin Speedy...

    And some accessories to go along?

    1. Groom pochette cles :heart:
    2. Groom round coin purse
    3. Framboise (any) wallet
    4. Mono pochette cles
    5. Groom bandeau or scarf :graucho: (to tie on your newly acquired bag!!)

    Sigh. I'm loving the Groom collection.
  8. Pop haut ! I lurve it !

    It's prolly a little out of the range tho - I paid 1065$ with tax last June ?
  9. Speedy.
  10. Batignolles.....anything from that line will be around your price range.
  11. Is that the Onatah I see on your shoulder? Maybe you could get some accessories to go with that. That's a beautiful bag btw.
  12. thanks for all suggestion. maybe it would be better if i tell y'allwhat i got now:
    1) onatah :smile:
    2) pop long
    3) ipanezma pochette
    4) josephine
    5) bearsce? (sorry i duno how to spell that)
    6) panda trotteur

    and i got enough accessories for now lol
    1) groom agenda
    2) vernis cles
    3) mini mono rond
    4) MC wallet
  13. I noticed you don't have a Speedy 25 or 30 in Monogram (I'm in love with my Speedy 25 :love: ) I didn't think I would like the Monogram ever. And I never thought I would ever like Damier - but I'll eventually add Damier purses to my collection.

    I also tried on a Mini Noe, its so cute. Its 630 CAD. It is hand held, and its super cute.
  14. Maybe a Damier Speedy?
    And Happy early Birthday! Mine is on November 4th :yes:
  15. Damier Speedy or a Cabas bag.