My Birthday is going what to get?? decisions decisions


What do you think I should get for my Birthday

  1. Bag - A girl can never have to many bags

  2. Lv pendant - cute & you don't have any Lv jewellery

  3. Diamond Earrings - afterall diamonds are a girls best friend

  4. I have another suggestion!

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  1. My Birthday is coming up in September I'm stumped as what to get for it

    Some options I'm considering.....

    Bag - I have my eye on a mandarin noe I love the colour it is my favourite epi colour, or maybe another bag I'm open to ideas. Negative I have a lot of bags already (but you can never have too many bags right??)

    LV Pendant - there are a couple of pendants which are cute, couldn't see IRL before buying so could be tiny or not what I expect

    Diamond Earrings - after LV, jewellery is my second passion, I have a pair of diamond studs but the new one's would either be bigger or coloured diamonds

    Any other suggestions I'm torn. I think I have shopping fatigue I can no longer make decisions
  2. I voted for the diamond earrings becuase for some this is something you don't buy as often. As a bag addict you will always get bags, but jewelry may come fewer or farther between JMO.
  3. I also agree that you should get the diamond earrings, although all your suggestions are good ones!
  4. Hmm get something kinda special since it is your birthday,
    Don't get something you can get any time.
    Birthdays are a great excuse to get something great!
    I love the LV pendants they are really cute !
  5. Diamonds! Their value increases and will last forever. Its a better investment than a bag. :tup:
  6. i voted lv jewelry, that or what about a nice vacation?
  7. Hard one for me, ever since I got the LV bug diamonds don't do it for me like they used to--is that insane or what? What size studs would you be getting? Which bag?
  8. diamonds
  9. I'd go with the diamond earrings, they're gorgeous and go with everything!
  10. I would go with a bag.
  11. Get something superlimited edition!!!
  12. The diamond earrings
  13. all of the above lol
    yeah I also vote for the diamond earrings
  14. Diamond earrings all the way! ;)
  15. charm bracelet and you can collect some lv charms as well....super cute and unique...