My BIRTHDAY is coming. What should I ask for??

  1. My 23rd birthday is coming up on the 14th of this month (september) and I have already planned to take a trip to my favorite place...the LV store. Ive never been to the one on 5th Ave in NYC so I'll be going there for the first time.

    Anywho, all of my friends know how much I looove LV so everyone is asking what I want, hopefully to get me something.

    Now here's my issue: I don't want to go overboard and ask my friends for anything too expensive so I'll probably ask for cheaper items. I already know I got a koala bracelet from one of my friends. What else is there to ask for?

    My significant other, on the other hand, is offering to buy me anything I want. I dont want to go over $1,000 because we are both still young and money should be used wisely. I know for sure I want an Azur piece but I dunno what. I already have a Speedy so I'm not sure if I want another one so soon. (I got my first Speedy about 3 weeks ago) But who can have too many Speedies???? lol What else is there? Any suggestions on what I should ask for?
  2. Since you want something Azur how about a Saleya. Or get another speedy you can never have enough speedy's

  3. inclusion pieces, bandeau, cles, mini pochette accessories, etc
  4. How about an azur pochette or a bandeau?
  5. How about an LV gift certificate? Your loved ones can stay within budget and you can take your time deciding what you really want. Everybody wins. :smile:
  6. YES YES!! i agree..
  7. For the bf, I'd ask for a Speedy from him (you can't have too many Speedies lol), and for the friends, bandeaus are affordable and are great gifts! Or go with the gift certificate idea like sugarcookie said.
  8. Ask for a Speedy.

  9. ITA!! :smile: then you can pull all of it together and get something nice and big!
  10. I guess the Speedy is nice...another 30 wouldn't hurt.

    I've never even thought of Gift Certificates...if I get those I can always add to it if I want something that costs more.

    Any other nice bags??? The Saleya is a great idea I must say.
  11. how about a popincourt haut? I think those are supercute.. and under 1,000
  12. I vote for the azur speedy - I have three speedies and still want more! :p As for your friends, how about a blue Sweet Flowers or LVOE bandeau to go with your new speedy? Or some costume jewellery? A pomme cles? An Azur mini-pochette to hang off your Speedy? Depends how many friends there are and what you think they are willing to spend.

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the LV store!
  13. I would get an Azur Speedy. You can never have to many speedies.
  14. ITA:yes:
  15. A saleya would be nice... but my best opinion would be to get a gift cert 1st until you made up your mind on a bag..happy birthday in advance!!!