My birthday instant reveal :)

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  1. Hey, ladies!

    So my bday was on Tuesday and my husband had purchased me some Tory Burch shoes on Sunday for my birthday. I had not expected him to purchase this brand new, limited edition bag too. It arrived in the mail today and I nearly fainted when I opened the box! I have the best husband ever. :love:

    Behold... the Rose Bruyere Hamilton City SHW, and my first ever Tory Burch classic Reva flats and sandals.
  2. awesome! they are all gorgeous esp that RB! :smile: lucky girl! congrats, enjoy ur new bag and hbd!:smile:
  3. oh wow, gorgeous bag~ congrats~ so thoughtful of your DH
    (and belated Happy Birthday)
  4. What a great husband you have. Love the colour of the bag, a lovely shade of pink.
  5. Congrats ! This pink is simply gorgeous and versatile :biggrin:
  6. wow wow wow - love that bag!
  7. The color of the bag is gorgeous!!! Congrats on such a beautiful bag and happy Birthday! Love the TBs also.
  8. The leather looks wonderful, glad you had a great birthday
  9. Love RB pink & that hamilton leather looks really yummy! Happy Birthday!
  10. What an amazing husband! Congrats on your pressies!
  11. Niiice... I wish I had a husband like yours..haha! Great bag!