My Birthday GOODIES have finally arrived!!!

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  1. As you know my birthday was last week, and I ordered the 70mm python NP's. My original plan was to get one pair of CL's, but as you can see that didn't pan out. I ended up with three instead! :yahoo:

    I got the python NP's, Architek, & Declic.

    The Declic box has 100mm on it, but they feel higher than that. They are a little big, so I have to add heel grips. I was thinking of returning them because IMO, they look a little funny on my feet because of the small toe box. What do you think?

    I need advice on how to stop the slingbacks from slipping off the back of my feet. I :heart: them, but they slip off my feet. Someone on here mentioned double sided tape to keep the straps in place. Have anyone tried this?

    Here they are!!

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  2. con't

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  3. Wow Gem, they are gorgeous on your feet. Stunning!!!!
  4. Gosh lady, those are HOT!!! Congrats. Hope you had an awesome birthday!
  5. pythons

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  6. Wow, love the python's too. What a great birthday you had!!!
    Love the pythons!
    The Architeks slipped off me too. I would use FootPetals strappy strips. I love their products!
  8. All three are beautiful, and no I think th declic look great on you. I woudn't return them!
  9. Great shoes!!! The 1st pair look a tad small if you don't mind me saying.
    Happy belated birthday!!!
  10. Oh love love love them!!!!!!!!!
  11. :party:HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

    I love you new additions Gem. They look fantastic on you!!! Here's a birthday toast to you.......:drinkup:
  12. Gem, try strappy strips by footpetals. I wear them with my NPs and they are an absolute must as the straps always manage to fall off my heel. You sound like me, you have the intention for one CL, but end up with more. Take it from someone who is a 100mm and up shoe snob, that roccia python NP will certainly do for a 70mm shoe. :tup:
  13. You made great choices, the architeks are amazing. Hope you had a lovely birthday.
  14. Happy happy happy birthday, gemruby. They are all great but my favorite on you is the phyton eventhough I am usually not a phyton fan.
    Hope you birthday and the year ahead are as wonderful as your new babies!