My birthday gifts!!!!!


Loving my Epi bag!!!
Aug 13, 2007
Cajun country
For my birthday we were driving to Texas to get away incase the hurricane was bad!:crybaby:So I figured that we could go to the galleria and I could get my new purse I have been wanting! I got enough money for my birthday to get the purse i wanted and an agenda, i am so happy!!!:yahoo: I stood in the LV store and asked to hold and try on every bag I have been drooling:drool: over I also got to see and touch:nuts: the peach comete or whatever it is I have to say it is beautiful my DBF wanted me to get....yea right! :graucho: It was on hold for someone but my wonderful SA Justin let me hold it and try it on! It is a very big bag, I got to see my summit drive in Amarante it was so georgeous!!! All in all my trip to Texas to see my family and get the newest additions to my LV family was so great!! The smile is still on my face!! So enough with all these words here are the pictures!:yahoo:


Jun 8, 2008
Houston, TX
:tup: We're waiting for your pictures. Houston Gallieria is where I do my LV purchases. Awesome mall to go shopping!