My Birthday Gifts!

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  1. Hi! I got these for my birthday! My parents got me the Small Nova Tote a couple weeks before my birthday. Today, my husband bought me the matching Check Wallet and our salesperson told us because we bought the Nova Tote, that we were invited to the private sale they had! So the Check Wallet was 30% off! The 30% off deal was too good that my husband wanted to buy me the Large Nova Check Bag! We got that bag for about $350, which was cheaper than the Small Nova! They were both a great deal! :tup:

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  2. wow! great collection! Love them all!. Congrats! and Happy Birthday!
  3. Great bags!!! Where did you by them if you don't mind me asking? I'm interested in the large check bag, looks great for my laptop.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! lovely bags, your parents and husband are so thoughtful!
  5. So gorgeous. I love them.
  6. congrats
  7. Thank you everyone! I got them at the Burberry store in Honolulu.
  8. Love your entire collection, great price for the bag
  9. congrats!!
  10. oh i love the small nova tote.. how much did that cost?! and $350 for the large one is a amazing deal!
  11. Happy Birthday and congrats!
  12. What a great deal!
  13. Congrats! And have to say you're so lucky you got the Large Novacheck bag for only $350! I ended up getting mine a lil more than that but still was worth buying the bag cuz I really love it.

    Oh and happy birthday!
  14. What a haul! Those are gorgeous! And happy birthday!
  15. Great stuff! Happy Birthday!!!