My Birthday Gifts to Myself!

Jun 5, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hi everyone, In honor of my birthday, which is today, I started using my 2 new LV items, which I purchased in the last few weeks as birthday gifts to myself. I wanted a new Mono bag and a "matching" wallet! I got the Totally MM and the Etoile Compact Wallet. I really like them both a lot. The Totally MM is really a perfect size tote for my things (not too big and not too small for me) and the wallet is really so nice and holds a good amount of cards and things, for being a compact wallet (holds much more than the Empreinte compact wallet, which was what I was considering). So on this day I'm proud to say that I'm not second-guessing myself for a change! :yahoo:



life in mon mono
Aug 4, 2010
happy birthday!!! isn't that wallet just the best thing ever?? it's so soft and squishy. congrats on your fabulous prezzies!