my birthday gifts!! an auth cles and a fake bag...

  1. I´m very exited cause I got my first cles, and exactly the one I wanted, the perfo one in orange, its completeley gorgeous, definitively a must have, now I know hehe. But there are two sides in the history the bad and the good one...

    My cousin and my aunt came from USA because of my bday, a little late, but anyway we had a great time, we cooked hamburgers and we ate a burned cake I prepared hehe... I´m not as good cooker as I´d like to be.

    My cousin brought me an abercrombie t-shirt and ashlee simpson and lindsay lohan cd singles. my aunt she brought me the cles, of course in the good side, I love it and fortunately she asked for the dustbag but... the bad side is that it didn´t came with the perforations care booklet. I didn´t told her bcz I thought it was enough with the cles to also ask her for the booklet and of course she wouldn’t come back to USA for the booklet. It came wit the receipt, so I´m thinking about going to the LV store tomorrow and ask if they can give me one.

    Also in the bad side... my cousin brought his ugly girlfriend... she knows I can´t stand her so she is always trying to be nice with me and she told me “I brought you a gift too! u will love it, will perfectly match wit your denim sneakers” I was waiting for a pair of cheap jeans or sth like that but she gave me a pochette gange denim!! fake of course, everybody was amazed but obviously only me knew it wasn’t auth so I had to fake how much I liked the bag. I cant deny I wanted one, because I also went to LV and ask if the could SO one for me, but it wasn´t possible, but in the other hand, I simply couldn’t stand people staring at me for using a fake Lv, I´d rather not to have it, but if I don´t use it my cousin will be mad with me... what would you do?

    but hopefully the day wasn´t that bad, in the night we went to the mall for some coffee and I used my cles for the first time, don’t know if it was but I felt like everyboby was looking at it ... maybe I think it bcz I really liked it! I bought myself an armani exchange t-shirt and a burberry junior one hehe.

    I attached pics of my t shirts, the cles, the pochette gange and my sneakers, I bought them time ago but when I tried to show them you I couldn´t attached them.
    and thanks for reading my fairy tale haha!!
    cles1.JPG cles2.JPG cles3.JPG cles4.JPG sneakers1.JPG sneakers2.JPG poch1.JPG poch2.JPG 1.JPG 2.JPG
  2. hehe, sounds like a great bday to me...
    dun worry bout ur couz's gf, I'm sure she's trying to be nice, just keep the free bag and give it to a little kid next time?

    Anyhow, Happy belated Bday!!!
  3. Uughhh... knowing me I probably would have given it back to her and told her "I don't need your charity gifts, thanks." He he he. j/k. Don't worry about that jealous snob.

    Love the cles though. ;) Happy belated b-day!
  4. Awww happy birthday, don't you just love your cles. I have the fuschia. I love those sneakers. Too bad the pouchette gange is a fake. It would match perfectly. good pick on the shirts.
  5. ha thanks! Fortunately she´s moving so she wont see if I do carry the bag or not. Besides the bag everyhing was so great, I´d love it if it would be authentic, but sorry bag, you are not haha!
  6. Love your cles! I've got the same one. Happy Birthday!
  7. Great presents, fake aside. I would probably just thank her, I mean, she was trying to be nice after all, even if it was misguided !
  8. happy birthday!!! the cles look nice!
  9. jealous snob?! How sad. No one said anything about her being mean, she just said she didn't like her because she always tries to be nice to her..

    At least she tried. Maybe she didn't know it was fake...a lot of people get scammed..
  10. Ooops. I meant to post the "jealous snob" in a myspace group thread. :P
  11. happy b-day! :party: :drinkup:

    sorry about the fake but the cles are very cute! :love:
  12. It Sounds Like You Had A Fantastic Day! Happy Birthday!!!! :smile:
  13. Happy birthday :flowers:
  14. Enjoy your lovely cles and hide the fake bag away.
  15. Happy birthday!