My Birthday myself

  1. It was my birthday yesterday so I picked up a few presents for myself.
    Silver Specchio Bling Bling
    Leopard Sevillana
    Brown Eel Decolette
    Red patent simple pump (we have finally reunited)

    I am still undecided about the bling bling, when I first saw them on months ago, I was not really interested, especially considering the steep price tag. But then I saw the November issue Harpers Bazaar with Jennifer Aniston, I instantly changed my mind. She was wearing this silver Bling Bling with a long white gown, and the shoe just looked heavenly. So I finally found them and I absolutely love them on display. But I am not sure that I like them on me. I feel that the crystals are too chunky, and make my feet look really wide? Am I just imagining this? They might end up going back, but I really want to love them, I just want them to be flattering and I fear that they are not. Any thoughts?

    And I was so happy to find the red patent simple pump since I had to return my last pair due to them being 2 different heal heights (I still get a chuckle out of that).
  2. Modeling photos of the bling bling.
    PICT0023.JPG PICT0024.JPG PICT0022.JPG
  3. They are all beautiful!!! Happy Birthday!! I really like the brown ell, chic!!
  4. Oh, and the bling are not chunky!!:tup:
  5. LOVE them all, especially the eel decolletes. The blings look fab on you. Personally, I don't have anyplace to wear the blings, but if you do, you should keep them. They're quite special.
  6. ooh gorgeous shoes!!! They all look fantastic IMO! also Happy belated birthday
  7. Happy birthday Kamilla! I :heart::heart::heart: your gifts to yourself! :drool: I love the Bling Bling, but I can see what you're talking about in the modeling pix. If you want my honest opinion, they don't look very "delicate" on. Maybe I'm hyper critical because I have the same problem with a lot of shoes that I see on celebs (esp. Nicole Ricci). I always think that they look so different on them than on me. :crybaby:
  8. What a haul! Love the leopard Sevillana's in particular!!....I can never get enough of CL's leopard shoes. And happy birthday!
  9. :drool::drool::drool:

    I love everything! Happy B-Day!
  10. Well Happy Bday to you! I love love LOVE the silver ones. The animal print come in second.
  11. WOW Kamilla!
    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!
    What wonderful gifts your bought yourself! Im drooling here!
  12. Thanks ladies for all the nice birthday wishes.
    On a side note - I went out to dinner last night with a few friends to celebrate and I wore the Anemones, we had to wait for our table for a few minutes, but I literally couldn't stand anylonger, so I had to ask someone to give up her seat at the bar so I could sit down. Luckily none of these new shoes are as tortorous as the anemone.
  13. congrats on all the pretty shoes! I love the silver ones.

    Too bad about the anenomes being that uncomfortable. They still are beautiful though.
  14. Happy Birthday Kamilla :heart: :drinkup:

    all your purchases are divine. Especially the bling blings please keep them they are gorgeous and every girl needs a pair of show stopper silver heels!

    I am sorry to hear your anemones were not comfortable, in any case I am sure you looked very chic and glamourous on your b-day.
  15. Happy belated birthday! Your purchases are gorgeous. I am sure the width issue is all in your head. :yes: