My Birthday Gift Dh Got Me !!!!!

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  1. today is my bday !!! and my dh got me a cole haan bag from Nordies!!!! I was so surprised..... he does not support my bag addiction, but bought me this. I hoe you can see the pic.
  2. :balloon::cutesy::tender:Happy Birthday! I love your new bag. What a sweet hubby.:cutesy::tender::balloon:
  3. How sweet! Happy Birthday!!
  4. Great bag! And it sounds like hubby is a nice guy! At least he knows what you want/like!!:yes:
  5. Happy birthday!! Your dh knows great value--Cole Haan offers a high quality bag at a reasonable price. Very nice bag!! I'm a big fan of Cole Haan.
  6. Congrats, your hubby has great taste.
  7. Thanks ALL!!!!!
  8. Very sweet, and happy birthday. It takes a lot for a hubby to breakdown and feed the addiction.:p
  9. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous purse! :balloon:
  10. Happy Birthday! Your DH has good taste! :drinks::drinkup:
  11. Happy birthday!!!!:wlae:
    Very nice bag!!!:tup:
    and even if he does not support your addiction... wants you to be happy anyways...
    You've got a keeper! Congrats!!! on bag and DH:smile:
  12. Congrats on the new bag, I love Cole Haan bags!
  13. Happy Birthday! :balloon:
    That is so sweet of your husband to buy you a purse! Congratulations - it's a pretty bag!