My Birthday Gift - Chanel Wallet

  1. My best friend got me a Chanel wallet for my 27th birthday. It's a really beautiful wallet but I feel TERRIBLE! :s I love designer bags/items but having someone else buy it for me is a totally different story. Since she is refusing to return the wallet, I want to exchange the long wallet for a cheaper wallet. That way, she can get the credit back on her card.

    She bought me this wallet (see attached). I borrowed this image from the reference library.

    Can anyone recommend a wallet in the 400 price range?

    Thanks in advance for your help :idea:
  2. Unless she is in financial hardship you should keep the wallet.

    I would be kind of insulted if you tried to get a cheaper wallet and then give me the difference. She gave it to you out of love. appreciate it.:graucho:
  3. so nice of ur friend- u mean alot to buy it for her so why exchange it? What did u want to do, exchange the wallet for a cheaper one and give her the cash? Anyways, there are not many Chanel wallets under $400- so u will have a hard time. That is soo sweet of ur friend- I would keep the wallet for sentimental reasons- wish I had a friend like that!
  4. I would keep the wallet. It's a nice gift. I don't think you can find anything below $400 anyway.
  5. I agree. I'm sure she put an effort to pick you the best wallet out of all. You shouldn't look for something else instead IMHO. :sweatdrop:
  6. I think you should just keep it... or perhaps see it as an invitation to "return the favor" for her next birthday.

    I once had a friend who did that to me and returned my gift for something that was less $ (but I didn't like as much) -she never ended up using it and I felt a little annoyed that I had really put the thought into the present, only for her to store the gift away because what she got in exchange was not practical.

    If it REALLY bothers you, perhaps talk to her and tell her how it puts you in an awkward position because of the cost. -And then maybe she can go with you to the store for the exchange if she agrees, because if you do it on your own, she'll probably get the wrong idea.

    IMHO, I'd just keep it, and enjoy it because it's a BEAUTIFUL wallet, and then remember in the back of my mind to put as much thought into her next birthday gift... Good luck!
  7. Happy Birthday!

    Keep the wallet.
  8. that's SO sweet!
  9. HB & Keep the wallet. It was given to you out of love. :yes:
  10. oh it's so pretty!

    i think u should keep it :p
  11. I agree with everyone else - keep the wallet!! You have a great best friend - she loves you and bought you something wonderful! Be happy and Happy Birthday!!!
  12. I have a similar story- last year, my best friend bought me white Chanel flats that were also really expensive for her budget. I was horrified by the price...From friends, I'm happy with just a handmade card for my birthday, let alone anything Chanel (unless it's from a boyfriend or my parents.. different story... that's a requirement :lol:). I was 100% sure I would never be able to wear those flats.. them being white and me being 5'4" and spending my life in stilettos... I had to have a talk with her and she happily exchanged them for a different pair of Chanel pumps. It worked out and everyone was happy.

    I agree with everyone-- your friend clearly loves you very much to be spending that kind of money... not a lot of people would do that unless they're your true friends. If the idea of having to return the favor at her birthday daunts you (financially), I'd have a heart to heart talk with her. But otherwise, it's a gorgeous wallet and you should definitely keep it because it will last you for years to come! :yes:
  13. its gorgeous! Happy Birthday!
  14. Keep it u deserve it! Its gorgeous!!!
  15. You deserve it! happy Birthday! If I was your bestfriend, and you decided to return it...I would feel insulted. What ever reason you may give. It is worth it. Happy Birthday! And you have a great friend!