My Birthday Dress!!

  1. This is the dress I wore yesterday on my birthday. Ain't it slick??!!?? BTW, my present from my BF was an amazing dinner and money to buy the Chanel Vinyl Cabas that is due out next month!
    birthday dress.jpg
  2. Very nice!!!!! You look fabulous!!!!
  3. That is a great dress!! Happy Birthday =)
  4. First of all, Happy birthday! Second, that dress is so unique (but in a very good way!!)-- it looks great!

    PS--If that's a doggie in the bottom right hand corner, he/she is adorable! I think they're trying to make their way into tPF! LOL!
  5. Wow you look amazing !!! :heart:
  6. gorgeous, is that mandalay? anyway it looks amzing. You have a great body.
  7. That dress is off the hook! If I could get away with it I would totally rock it! Happy Birthday
  8. woooooow you look gorgeous ..
  9. Thank you everyone! I don't know if I can ever wear that dress again since I have past the 30 year old mark...
  10. You look beautiful! Love the dress! Cute doggy and is that an Abbesses I see in the background?!?!:graucho: LOL!
  11. Wow!! Thirty is not old! But I think it's great to welcome the new decade by rocking a super-hot dress like that:wlae:
  12. you are rocking that dress missy :biggrin:

    Hope you had a great birthday. You look fabulous in it :smile:
  13. Sex-ay! :biggrin: Happy B-day!
  14. Thanks Everyone!:shame:
  15. you look fab, really!!!:love: