My birthday~ but...

  1. Yesterday (6/9) was my 18th birthday! and i went to GUCCI~ to buy something...

    First i bought a continental wallet BEIGE/EBONY GG PLUS
    took me 30 minutes!!! lol
    then i was looking for a bag...and i remembered...
    and was late 15 minutes! lol

    While i was at GUCCI...i felt the inconsistency of items...

    I said "ill buy this one" then the woman gave me a new was boxed, then gold tissue paper'ed, then the wallet was inside a plastic bag!!! :tup: I checked that one...BUT IT HAD SUPER GLUE ON THE CORNER!!!

    so she gave me another one...BUT

    it was boxed, she opened the box...-_-

    but it wasn't gold tissue paper'ed and the wallet wasn't inside a plastic bag!?

    So i thought it wasn't a new NEW wallet -_-

    and i saw while i was paying...

    there are MILLIONS of CONTROLATO CARDS and

    "about gucci" cards!!! behind the counter in a draw lol

    Dont know why!

    a lady bought a wallet...and the serving woman took the wallet behind the counter and put in the two cards into the wallet!? because the wallet the lady bought didn't have the controlato cards..etc..:confused1:

    I'm assuming my wallet and the lady's wallet was a used exchange...:sad:

    Has anyone else noticed this???
  2. Hope you had a great birthday! Never noticed idea what it could be about..could be nothing but could be something fishy too. I hope those cards aren't going anywhere else. Maybe she put something else behind the counter?
  3. I hope that the wallet you bought was in perfect condition. If not, I think they have a 10 day return policy. If you have a Saks or NM near you, you may want to purchase your gucci items from them, because they have a better return policy. I wonder if they have extra cards for the wallets, because maybe they tend to slip out? The last time I bought a bag from the gucci store, it was last summer when they were on sale. The care card and controllo card were already in the zip pocket. Hope you had a great birthday!
  4. if the wallet is in perfect condition then maybe the cards wouldn't matter... but hey, it would matter to me! oh well, happy birthday! :p