my birthday and my new wallet

  1. just the pics! 3 special ones

    my birthday pressies

    my new epi eugenie wallet from hubby:-
  2. 2nd pressie from best pal (pair of diamond dangling earrings):-
  3. lastly, I bought this for myself:-

  4. aww, congrats! happy birthday!
  5. Congrats!!! Happy Birthday, everything is lovely.
  6. Great gifts! Congrats and happy birthday! :flowers:
  7. Happy Birthday!! Those are great presents!!!! Love the wallet!
  8. Happy Birthday! Amazing presents!!!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. wallet is gorgeous! congrats and happy bday!
  11. Happy Birthday! Congrats on all your new goodies!
  12. Happy Birthday!! Congrats!!!!
  13. Happy Happy Birthday!! Enjoy all the lovelies!!
  14. Wow! That epi wallet is sooo beautiful and classy.
  15. Happy Birthday. Those gifts are TDF.

    I think we have the same taste. I love that Eugenie wallet, I also love diamonds and Tag Heuer. I have 5 Tag Heuer watches.