My Birkin's got a new friend.....

  1. and they are living happily together.. :yahoo: You might have read about my first Birkin purchase last week. Today I took her out to find a new friend. Got the hippo keyring to go with it. They are going to be new best friends :wlae: The SA at my boutique was very nice and mentioned how lucky I was to get the black Birkin. And she said she would call me if anything in BJ or orange to come in. Fingers cross.

    I've also attached photo of my very small Hermes collection. :heart:
    Hermes.JPG Hippo.JPG
  2. Congrats! nothing like a little H to brighten the day :yes:
  3. OMG that's sooo cute! And I love your bags!!! :drool:
  4. Cute!!
  5. ADORABLE!!!:love:
  6. Cute!

    On a side note: What is going on today? Two posts per page?
  7. Oh, how adorable!!! I love the look!
  8. very cute, congrats!!
  9. The hippo keyring is adorable! It looks great on your gorgeous Birkin!
  10. How nice that your Birkin is already getting presents!
  11. oooohhhh, ur collection is off to a great start!!! GORGEOUS BAGS!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

    HG I noticed the 2 posts per page too...HMMMM...
  12. cute cute! great collection!
  13. What an adorable Hippo!! Congratulations!!
  14. Princess, that looks great! Is the Hippo Etoupe?
  15. GORGEOUS!! :nuts: