My Birkin Was Stolen!!!

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    Last friday, my girlfriends and I went for drinks after work at a trendy downtown restaurant/lounge. I went there in such a great mood (just went shopping since I closed a deal that same day) and left in desperation.

    Within 5 mins, two professionals came, took my birkin, and left! I saw everything on the security camera...I couldn't believe it! I immediately told the security we should do the back alley in case if they just wanted my money and cellphone. ALL I WANTED WAS MY BIRKIN AND DOGON WALLET BACK! Obviously, nothing turned up.

    Why post my sad story? I just wanted to share this with fellow Hermes lovers who understand the value and attachment I have with my birkin. My friends and co-workers keep telling it's ok, at least they didn't rob me. But I'm just sad...knowing that they insurance might not replace my bag since I didn't declare it when I purchased it; and even if they are willing to replace it, I might have to wait another 2 years...
  2. OH NO! Poor you! How did they do it? Hope you get it back somehow.
  3. OH NO!!!!!! This is awful! :cursing::cursing:

    Did you have it insured?
  4. That is just terrible!:sad:
    I do hope that insurance will cover a replacement!
  5. I'm so very sorry for you, jlao. Even though it's just a "thing" and you are safe and sound, it's still feels like such a violation, doesn't it? The financial loss notwithstanding, there are certain items that showcase who we are a bit and to have them stolen is very alarming.

    Here's hoping that it turns up, though. I had a robbery in my home a couple of years ago, and had my laptop and one of my Gucci bags taken. Both showed up at the police station when the robbers were caught!
  6. mnpurselover,

    that's the problem...I didn't have it insured...the restaurant is also not likely to be responsible (at least that's what the manager told me). I called my insurance company for my engagement ring and my watch because of max quota for jewlery but didn't think about it for my purses.

    what should I do???
  7. I'm so sorry to hear this. I understand how heartbroken you must feel. It angers me that there are such horrible people in this world. Take care, my dear. and I do hope that insurance at least replaces.
  8. WOW! I am so sorry! I hope everything works out for you. Thinking positive thoughts for you! I hope you can get a replacment bag!:flowers:
  9. Oh my god. I'm so sorry about that.
  10. That is a horrible thing that happened to you. Sometimes there is actually nothing that you can do, but just learn from your mistakes and keep your bags closer to you in the future! I hope everything works out for you!
  11. I am happens when you least expect it! Very sorry...Homeowners Insurance perhaps?
  12. I'm sorry that this happened to you but thank goodness you were not hurt. Hugs your way : )
  13. OMG How Horrible.
  14. Jlao I am speechless! I can't even imagine how I would react if that happened to me! What's scary is it can happen to ANYBODY!! We just get so caught up and distracted by what's going on around us and in our heads, it's so easy to forget your purse! I know of one friend that forgot her H bags TWICE, one time in a restaurant and one time at the movies! Thankfully, people were honest enough to turn them into the lost and found! oh.....((((((HUGS)))))!! Pls. take extra precaution to urself and ur family esp since the no good thieves have ur personal information and know where u live! I am sooooo sorry! BUT sadly, u still have to protect urself further bc of what was lost!
  15. I'm so sorry to hear this.