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  1. For those of you who didn't see the first part, here's a quick summary: MY 35CM ORANGE BIRKIN WAS STOLEN AT A RESTAURANT!!! (still sad about it...:sad:)

    Anyways, while struggling to claim it back from my home insurance, I decided to move things ahead and start putting my name down for a replacement. After speaking with the store manager, turns out that is one 35cm Birkin available in white in Clemence...panic...:s...should I just take it or wait (might be in years) for another orange one?!?

    I love the white; fresh, elegant and timeless, but let's face it, I live in Canada and we only have 2 months worth of summer! I would therefore be birkinless for the other 10 months!!! I've seen how yummy the white looks on Victoria B, Kate Moss and other fellow PF members...What should a girl do???
  2. you should get the white one! i hardly ever see those in the H stores
  3. I'm going to go with a no on the white Birkin, actually. The white is lovely but not as practical as some others and can look a bit "dingy" in clemence.
  4. Is it white or orange period? Are there no other colors you would consider? I would not take a bag I could only wear two months of the year if it meant I would be "birkinless" the rest of the year. I imagine your SM feels for you after hearing of your plight and will assist you in getting a new bag. I would wait until something more "seasonless" comes along. And it will...:flowers:
  5. I say no to the white birkin! Wait until another comes and sings to you, don't get a bag, that you'd want to use a lot but couldn't!
  6. I think you would know in your heart if the white birkin was yours...if you have to ask....I say let the birkin tell you you need to take it home . . .
  7. I would also say "no". let's be real a birkin isn't like some other handbag. these babies are quite pricey and birkins are not exactly the best seasonal bags unless u have about 30 of them. they u can start playing with colors. since this will be your only birkin for a time, I would go with a more "seasonless" color.
  8. If you're questioning whether or not you should get it in the first place... then I'd say don't do it! The orange was clearly one that you loved, why settle for anything less? Even if it meant waiting longer.. I think you'd be much happier in the end!
  9. gelbergirl , you read my mind...when I got the orange birkin last year, I didn't even have to wink: I knew it was coming home with me like love at first sight. Altough I love white in general, I would only feel comfortable if it was my second or third birkin.

    But at the same time; who know when would I next be offered a birkin in 35cm!!! And I guess I'm more tempted because the timing it good for the white birkin now that it's beginning of spring...
  10. For a first birkin, I would hold off for a color that you can use throughout the year.
  11. Yes jloa get what you really want and not something that you have second thoughts about!
  12. I'd wait for another color that really sings to you! The white isn't doing it for wait a bit.
  13. I agree with Mme. de la Paix - Don't "settle" for white just because it is available. After you tell the SM what happened, he/she will have to go out of their way to help you find the birkin of your dreams!!

    Good luck!!
  14. Jlao, as a fellow Canadian, as much as the white is beautiful, I'd pass on this one. Our summers are too short. Try to get the SM/SAs to find you something that you can use all year around. They will get you an orange one. Don't settle.

    Good luck!
  15. ^^^ :yes: