My Birkin Was Insulted!

  1. Ok, it was by a family member but still....they (shall remain nameless) said it looked like an NBA basketball due to the color and skin! I just have to keep saying to myself this is the classic Hermes orange, right?
  2. Smack them with the bag. Tell them you were only kidding, you know since you thought it was a basketball......
  3. Ok, that just made me feel a lot better! Thanks elizabeth k!!!!!!
  4. We have a smiley just for this----
    the bagslap!!


    Your bag is gorgeous!!!
    Tie a twilly on and forget the comment.
  5. put a boot in their BLEEP
  6. Gucci, and wreck your shoe?
    Gucci shoes are expensive.
  7. ...what elizabethk said!!!
  8. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...

    but no I was thinking along the lines of a work boot...studded in rhinestones (for the glam of course)
  9. yep, smack 'em with that Birkin!!! :yes:
  10. Sorry due to different culture, could someone pls explain why is NBA basketball considered an insult?
  11. Thank you Guccigal!! I'm all about the rhinestones!
  12. Dear Ms. G:

    They are just jealous because they don't have one!!! :bagslap:
  13. Queenie, I think they meant that it literally reminded them of the basketball which is only $29.99.
    nba bball.jpg
  14. Buy a basketball and give them a good whack with that, then the Birkin, then say "See the difference?"
  15. I agree! Swing your bag right at them! KA-BOOSH!!!!