My Birkin Needed Some Attention...

  1. I went to SCP today and accessorized my Birkin. I hope it isn't too much...

    They have lots of Evelyns, so many scarves, several cardenas (elephant, hippo, pegasus, heart...) even the black diamond croc Birkin. Truly amazing. Ready for the holidays.
  2. Here are the pics. IMG_0117.jpg

  3. it looks really good. the orange looks really good with the bag :wlae:
  4. :yes: Thank you!
  5. Love the orange on your Birkin, very pretty.
  6. beautiful
  7. I'm starting to wonder if my bags are better dressed than I am.:confused1:
  8. ^^^HG..very FUNNY!!!...You are dressed JUST AS NICE as your bags!!

    ^^2muchlux - VERY NICELY DRESSED Birkin:yahoo: . Congrats on your LOOT!
    you have 1 won't STOP at 1! I NEED TO GET A CADENA?:heart:
  9. It looks perfectly classy and elegant. I love the orange.
  10. I love your Orange Brides de Gala twilly, lux!
  11. very nice!!
  12. Love it! Very nice touch with the sailboat and twilly!
  13. I like your new treats 2much.

    Don't you love how the sailboat really "sails?" It looks great on your Birkin. And so does the orange twilly. I had not thought of pairing an orange accessory with gold....I love orange so this is an idea for me to try!
  14. Very pretty choices. I don't have any Gold Birkins yet...but your bag is giving me ideas :idea: : :smile: I'm a gold hardware girl though. Thanks for the photos.
  15. I do love the sailboat in action.

    I was concerned about the orange and gold and thought it might throw the bag into the wear me with earthtones category. BUT the grey in the scarf compliments the silver hardward and seems to balance it so I can still wear black (which is a chief wardrobe concern).