My Birkin is home!

  1. Many threads ago, a couple of members were interested in Birkin reds and I mentioned that I had one. Well, I was in Chicago for a meeting this week and was able to pick mine up from my apartment. We are in between moves and it was either leaving it in our apt or in storage as our temp place did not have enough closet space for all my purses. In any case, it's a 35cm Togo.

    The color in the photos is pretty accurate as I played around with the flash and and lighting.
    DSCN0121 copy.jpg DSCN0141 copy.jpg
  2. That bag is GORGEOUS! Fabulous color and the hardware is lovely! What is the color?
  3. Absolutely stunning & drop dead gorgeous! :love:

    Thanks for the pics Happy1! Is your Birkin rouge VIF ?
  4. Beautiful shade of red. Love it
  5. It should be named Heart-Stopping Red haha. Beautiful bag!
  6. Oh my gosh it's so beautiful! Do you use it a lot? Great color!
  7. The color is stunning! I love it!
  8. Print Model - I think it's Vermillion as it has an orange tone to it, but it all depends on lighting. My receipt doesn't state the color, so I am not sure.

    Shoe319 - No, I hardly ever use it at all. Without a shoulder strap, I find it hard to juggle it with my toddler-daughter in tow, plus it's a heavy bag.
  9. TDF!!!! The red is gorgeous!:love:
  10. Thanks! I'm going to write the size, leather and color you think it is down so that when I start shopping for my Birkin in a few months, I can ask about that one!

    Thanks again and I'm sure you get loads of compliments on it! It's drop dead GORGEOUS!
  11. the color is so lovely! hope you start to get to use it more soon!!
  12. Congrats happy1!! Gorgeous bag and beautiful color!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  13. :love: beautiful!! :love:
  14. Oh, your Birkin is so beautiful!!:biggrin: :biggrin: I love that shade of red.

    I don't know exactly how old your daughter is, but when they turn around 4, you will be able to go back to hand-carrying your bags.
  15. That color is amazing!! I love it!!