My birkin in etoupe

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have been browsing this forum, and I learned so much from you. These are things I got recently, and I'd like to share with you.

    30 birkin in etoupe and clemence
    dancing horse key chain
    70 cm Omnibus scarf
    mixed and matches
    dancing horse.jpg scarf2.jpg birkin.jpg mix1.jpg mixed2.jpg
  2. Gorgeous Joy - congratulations.
  3. beautiful birkin and lovely wardrobe!~ the scarf is gorgeous too!
  4. Joy: Loveliness!!
    Ironically, msbean and I were "playing" last week and had our etoupe and chartreuse Birkins next to that very scarf--it was a sight to behold!!
    I am going back for that Omnibus scarf later this week (not sure if that colorway or the white/black/red one...)
  5. ^^:tup::tup:Thanks for sharing! Love your etoupe Birkin and your outfits!
  6. Love your clothes!
  7. Fantastic! Love your etoupe-making ensemble!
  8. Gorgeous, Joy! Love it all.

    You know, Etoupe is really starting to grow on me. It is sooo versatile.
  9. You have put together really beautiful combinations.
    I've been thinking about etoupe a little bit, and this is giving me ideas.
  10. Each of your purchases is fabulous, and you really know how to pull it all together. Congrats, joy!
  11. Every time I see an etoupe bag, I fall in love with the color more! :heart: Beautiful bag, scarf, wardrobe - everything, Joy :nuts: What great outfits you've put together.
  12. Thank you all for all the good words. I really found etoupe is a beautiful color. One can do so much with it. It can be easily dressed up and down. It matches so many colors: white, black, burgandy, pink, baby blue...
  13. I like taupe a lot and all the different variants of it!

    It's cute how you arrayed the stuff, you could work as a Stylist! I bet you enjoyed yourself while taking the pics!
  14. Congrats Joy! Your etoupe birkin is stunning and so are your outfits!
  15. WOW! Love it! You need to post your outfits on the Action thread!