My Birkin in Ebene/Clemence

  1. Yeeepiee, I can join the hermes bag owners club finally!

    Yesterday was my lucky day. Went into my Hermes Boutique and I had a closer look to the Garden Party canvas/leather and I just fell in love with it. Since all the SA were so sweet and I was in a spending mood I added a nice twilly to use on the GP or on my wrist and ordered a 2fold (or 3fold?) bearn wallet, which will arrive in autumn. After two hours, when I finally was ready to leave the shop the most incredible thing happened. I saw my DREAM bag - a Birkin 35, Ebene, Clemence leather, palladium HW - and it took me another hour before I could call myself the owner of this beauty :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Congratulations nala! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy your Birkin and wear it well!

    Opening a bottle of Louis Röderer champagne ... pouring it into the glass ... toasting around the world for nala's Birkin!

    Have you taken it out yet for a walk in town?

    I would love to see pictures please :smile:

    So you bought the Garden Party, twilly and Birkin? That was one super Hermès day!
  3. NICE!! If I saw the same bag in 30cm, I'd grap it too!:yes:
  4. OMG! That bag sounds GORGEOUS!!! I just love that color!~ Cannot wait to see pics! Champagne toast to your gorgeous new Birkin!
  5. WOW!!! Ebene/Palladium is stunning! I can't wait to se pics!!
  6. OMG! What a DAY! You hit the jackpot, Nala!!!!! Congratulations and please, please post pics of your new beauties!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!
  7. what a lucky day for you! you must be excited !! would love to see pictures, congratulations !!!!!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Oh, wow! Congrats! Please post pics when you can.
  10. I am soooo glad someone has purchased a birkin lately!!!! It was getting mighty quiet on the forum and I need the lucky train to keep a coming.

    Please post some pictures soon!!! I am thrilled for you big time!
  11. Congrats! That is so great! Would anyone please tell me what is ebene color? I am dying to know what color of birkin she got!
  12. *PF magic lucky dust all over you* Nothing like getting a Birkin, especially your dream Birkin :smile: Wear it well and I'm soooooo happy for you !!
  13. Such wonderful news!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  15. Gorgeous combination, I know you will love her for many years to come. Clemence has such a buttery feel to it.

    Congratulations !!
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