My Birkin has arrived!!!!!

  1. Hi everyone just got a call from the Hermes boutique in Monte Carlo. They received a 35cm ebene taurillion clemence.. not exactly what i asked for but close... And now, i am panicking whether to go for it or not.. my choice was for a chocolate togo.. advice needed please...............
  2. Close enough, IMO
    Clemence will slouch a bit more possibly and may be a tad heavier.
    I would take it.
  3. Mmmmmm, ebene is so rich in clemence! Is the hardware the same as what you ordered? If so, I would definitely go for it!
  4. In a heartbeat...that bag would be mine...but make sure it is exactly what you want!

    Love clemence...sigh...
  5. The hardware is palladium. I am really anxious and cant seem to make up my mind :confused1:
  6. Sounds like you are having second thoughts??????? A sign???????
  7. mdsa: I have that exact bag! I had signed up for a Podium order for Ebene VL with PH but 2 days later the Clemence came in. I could not be happier, I just about died when they unveiled it for me. The color is just amazing in Clemence.....

    Also, slouch is a personal preference. I like both stiff bags and slouchy ones, but in this bag I'm totally happy with it. It collapses nicely for stuffing into my Lonchamp for travel as well, it's durable, and the softness makes it easier to open/close if you are inclined to do so (I carry mine with the flap tucked in and straps buckled). It isn't really any slouchier than my Togo (each bag is different). I say go for it! Ebene is so much richer in Clemence than in Togo!
  8. and let me add (since I just saw that your original choice was Chocolate Togo, not Ebene)...the Ebene is going to be a much cooler dark brown, which is perfectly suited to PH. The Chocolate is going to be richer/warmer (could go either gold or PH). So ultimately you have to decide which color would suit more.
  9. Sounds beautiful. I love dark brown.

  10. EBENE is much nicer than chocolate togo (not sure of the actual name) its a rather washed out gray toned brown. its a little dead looking in togo. ebene is really like dark choclate and more versatile! GO FOR IT !!!
  11. I have an Ebene togo Birkin and love the shade. Clemence, however, being softer, will soak up a bit more color....make the Ebene richer, deeper....good looking!
  12. Good luck with your decision.
    Then show us pictures!
  13. I JUST got my 35cm Ebene in Evergrain, which, at first glance, both the S.A. and I thought was Clemence.

    I LOVE IT. I had initially wanted choco too, but after seeing them both, I def prefer Ebene. Less of the grey undertone, more true to brown, I thought. She's everything I wanted in my first Birkin :heart:
  14. sounds so yummy!!! Don't let it slip away...
  15. Good luck with your decision!!!