My Birkin got married to Kelly on Mother's Day!

  1. I can't believe it. It arrived today...on a Sunday of all days. Mother's Day. I didn't know USPS delivered on Sunday but I guess they do.

    Well, girls... I'm smiling cheek to cheek to show you my first Kelly.

    It's a 35 Kelly Epsom leather in Raisin with Cyclamen trim. I'll post it next to the 35 Birkin Togo leather in Indigo with Blue Jean trim.

    kelly.jpg birkinscarf.jpg
  2. Congrats to you! Gorgeous Kelly! Gorgeous Birkin! WOW!!!!
  3. Oh, OOOOOOh my God Gorgeous!!! Congrats! Some reason, your kelly looks like birkin...Maybe because it is a big size (you said 35cm, right?) Beaustiful bag!
  4. Congratulations and champagne toast for you!

    I assume you like bi-colors looking at your Kelly and Birkin. I love the scarf combination also on your bags.
  5. Oooh!! I'm loving raisin lately!! Where did this baby come from? And on Mother's Day delivered?? How nice!
  6. AMAZING>>>>wonderful and congrats!

    I just love the raisin color. I definitely want to own something in that color someday.:love:
  8. That's beautiful! Congrats!!!
  9. Love the Bi-colors and the scarves! Congrats & Happy Mother's day :yahoo:
  10. Love it...coming from a fellow raisin lover! It has alot of spunk. ENJOY IT!:yes:
  11. Happy Mothers Day, they are both gorgeous!!! How lucky you are.
  12. whoaaaaa soooo nice!! *drool*
    It's interesting that 35kelly does sort of look like a birkin, gives it a bit of casual look!! very beautiful!!
  13. thanks all for the kind comments. i do think they are very similar the kelly and birkin. maybe because they are both 35's? i'll take a pic of them side by side for you to compare.

    i got this from bagteria (this is the exact same bag that is posted up on the informative catalog). :graucho:
  14. WOW! What a beautiful bag and what a beautiful Mother's Day gift!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

  15. Congratulations! It is a VERY PRETTY kelly. I just :heart: :heart: raisin!!

    And Mira is a great seller! She's from Indonesia too and I have met her a couple of times over coffee. She's just a sweetheart.

    She actually talked about that kelly last time we met. I was wearing my fuchsia kelly and I asked her what kelly did she have. And now this kelly have travel really far!