My "Birkin" doll

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  1. Well done!
  2. How cute!!
  3. I love it! You know, I used to collect Barbies... and used to check out eBay for OOAK's, just to glimpse the creativity of some ppl. Your doll is fab! Did you make the clothes as well? I think the girl will look great in some wicked nail polish!
  4. That's so cute, you did a wonderful job!:flowers:
  5. You did a super job! Great birkin!
  6. That's so cool! :nuts: Great job!
  7. Very cute!!!:yahoo:
  8. How cool! And I love your pool
  9. NM, you made all the clothes and the purse for the doll? That's really adorable.
  10. Adorable!
  11. Well done lisa ,loving the bag... you must have a lot of patience:smile:
  12. That was awesome! I definitely can't do that. :upsidedown:
  13. Adorable~ My daughters would go crazy for that doll. LOL.
  14. Actually, someone else made that bag BUT I went to Jo Ann fabric and intend to make my own versions that will be ahem, more realistic and more in-tune with a proper H bag! Not that I could ever emulate the masters (heh) but I know my bag will be better!!!

    Thanks for your kind words, ladies. It's a fun hobby, really
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