My biggest reveal ever and I am on an official BAN!

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  1. This will be my best (and most expensive) reveal ever!
    Yesterday I bought something pretty fabulous and I am soooooooo banned from buying Coach now......


    :yahoo: :woohoo: :nuts: ;) :drool:

    But I did have one mini-hurrah at the outlet.
    I bought the plum lurex cosmetic case, teal satin cosmetic case, teal satin jewelry travel pouch and solid perfume keychain charm.

    All of my $$$$ from now on will be going to a car payment instead. :rolleyes:

    I have already promised myself a Berry Sabrina when/if they ever get liberated from the back stockroom *eyeroll*.

    What I spent just last year alone on Coach could have paid for this car outright.......:faint: Seriously not kidding about that either..
    It is time to curtail my non-essential spending and a new car (payment)will effectively do this KWIM?
  2. Hot D*mn!

    You will so enjoy driving your new car, and you already have so many lovely COACH bags that can sit on the seat next to you!

    Enjoy, what a Reveal!!!:yahoo:
  3. Wow! I love your car! That's definitely the biggest reveal I've every seen. Congrats and enjoy your new car.
  4. WOW! Coach makes cars??? LOL

    Congrats!!! You've gotta have something super HOT to carry all your gorgeous Coach bags about town!!!
  5. Yay! That's so awesome, congrats on your new car!!!! :yahoo: What is it?
  6. ^^^ Coach doesnt make cars (yet) but I do know that there have been special edition Lexus' that have had Coach leather seats.....

    My new car does have leather seats in her, but not sure if I will be "Apple" -ing them or not.

    I :heart: her! :yahoo:
  7. Tell us more about your car!
  8. I found a way to buy a new car and still buy purses :buttercup::whistle:
  9. Yes, I want to know more too! And I wanna see pics of your Coach goodies!!! :nuts:
  10. What kind of car is it? Congrats, I just bought an SUV last may ... I only buy wristlets at the outlets now lol but it's totally worth it!
  11. Sweet ride! :woohoo: Wish it was warm up here for long enough to justify getting a convertible...
    For now I will drive my completely paid for Dodge POS lol...I don't look cool at all :nogood: but it means having some extra $$ for Coach...hey at least the bag in my passenger seat looks good, right?:P
  12. If what you spent last year alone could have bought that car outright- I want to see a collection pic because that is impressive!
    What kind is it? (sorry I'm not a car buff) I secretly love convertibles but my hair doesn't agree with me!
  13. Carrie, love the car, you have enough lovely bags to keep you going. But one last hoorah with the berry sabrina will make it easier on you to stick to a ban. Congratulations.
  14. It is a Pontiac G6 convertible.
    It has a hard top that folds down completely into the trunk (which I love!)
    With the top up you cannot even tell that it is a convertible.....

    The 'official' color is called blue gold crystal metallic.
    True color is a metallic lavender/baby blue silver hue. (beautiful!)
    It is what my best freind calls a "Carrie color"....
    This car is so me that it is not even funny!

    I was pretty much against getting any more convertibles (this is the third one I have owned now) but this one really caught my eye.
    Traditional convertible tops have a tendency to leak after a few years and with hurricane season being 6 months out of the year I hated having a leaky car.
    The hard top is like having a regular car as well and that is what sealed the deal.

    I almost bought the Pontiac Solstice convertible (pic below) and decided that the G6 would be a more practical car all around for me.


    The Solstice is a smokin hot car but it was just waaaaaaay too tiny, even for me.
    It is a one and a half person car at best....
    Plus with all of the a**hole idiot drivers down here in Florida if you got in a wreck with this little car you would more than likely catch your death.
  15. I almost bought a Solstice too when I was car shopping, but went with Solara instead for the same reason...more practical. In the long run, a two seater wouldn't work for me. Congrats on your new beautiful car, from one convertible lover to another (this is also my third one!)