my biggest mulberry surprise

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  1. My first ever mulberry purchase a couple of years ago was an emmy off evilbay for about £50 - how naive! When it arrived i immediately thought it was fake as it was more orange than oak should be and smelled a bit funny. I scrubbed it with fairy (yes, sorry ladies) to try and make it smell better - that didn't work - convinced myself it was a fake and chucked it down the back of the cupboard - for more than a year - sad as hell.

    After becoming much more experienced at looking at mulberries and particularly looking at bags in real life and in the authenticate this thread, I dug the emmy out again. I began to think it might actually be ginger rather than oak.... and checked for the riri and many other little things.

    Emmy was knackered however, so i figured there is only one way to find out - send her off for repair (replacement handles)....

    Well a big box turned up yesterday, with a sad old bag, but... a lovely letter. Repairs were willing to do the work and therefore Emmy is REAL! :yahoo:I sat in front of the TV last night, plastering her in woly shoe cream - she came up all patina'd and it blended in all the grubby marks. Me, Dr Who, Emmy and the Woly are having another night in tonight. (and huge thanks to whichever of our wonderful ladies put me on to the woly stuff - it's magic!)

    I promise a reveal once she's been nurtured a bit more. The only sad thing was that they didn't have any more ginger leather to replace her handles, so they still look grubby as things stand - but at least i know she's worth restoring!:biggrin:
  2. Oh thats a lovely story - a fairytale with a happy ending. Congratulations you got a rare one there.
  3. oh wow great story!
  4. Sorry for my ignorance- what's Woly? Also when do you use it and can you use it with the waterstop spray??
  5. wow, was not expecting that ending - thats fantastic :biggrin:
    would love to see pictures!
  6. That's fantastic! And to find she's a rare colour is even better!!
  7. What a lovely story, so glad it had a happy ending! Please post pics when she's all cleaned up.
  8. haha, that's a great ending :smile: congrats on gaining a new bag;)
  9. That story really made me smile :biggrin: You must be so excited!
  10. Ah, that got a big smile from me! Glad it has all worked out well in the end. xx
  11. What a lovely story lmm - a bit like The Ugly Duckling . You must be over the moon & for £50 - what a result. Looking forward to the pics .
    I was interested to hear that they have no Ginger Darwin left - my Ginger Rosie is there for a bit of work and the same thing - new handles.
    I cleaned mine up a lot with the poultice that Jenova told us about - the mix of cornflour & baby shampoo after a once over with the Woly.
  12. hi, here's the link - I'd get recommendations from others as to what to use it on - but in my case it worked well on dried out old darwin leather - and it darkened it a bit so the marks blended in.
  13. let me know if they manage to do yours - if they do I'll ask them nicely again. The current handles are in a right state almost black!
  14. thanks for all the lovely comments - she's a real keeper and as she's so bashed up I won't mind using her - I am terrible for being too scared to use my mulberries!
  15. I'll let you know what they say to me about the leather . I have asked their opinion as I don't want a big contrast between new and old iykwim. The poultice worked a treat on my handles although they were grubby not black !
    I also asked the Furniture Clinic about restoring them and they quoted £75 plus vat.