My BIG Under the Sea Reveal! Lots of Pics!!

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  1. Hey everyone! Is anyone up for a reveal?!?! I finally got every thing I wanted and this is my last reveal for awhile, unless I get something small and feel like I have to show it off :smile:

  2. Meeeeeeee!!!
  3. Yay! I got one person! Hi lilitaly!
  4. Yes, let's see it...I got to go to dinner soon! LOL!
  5. Me too
  6. Hi there! Can't wait to see what ya got!
  7. Ha! Okay PCL! I will start :smile: What an early dinner!

    First my ebay/bonz finds!

    My cupcake- 20 shipped (I don't have an outlet by me :sad:)

    PEGASUS!!! I got her for 50 shipped on Bonz
  8. Now for one of my bags!!


  9. love the tag on this bag...cute
  10. Dead giveaway!

  11. Cupcake twins! It is so cute!

    Something poppy?
  12. Lemon Poppy Tote?
  13. Pegasus for $50? You are a lucky girl!!!

    And yeah, it is almost 5 here. We are taking Miss Audrey out tonight. LOL!

    Let's see the bag!
  14. Close! It's my Large Daisy/Parchment Spotlight


  15. Very cute!!!