My big lv bag decisions! help me! :)


what school bag?

  1. mono 35

  2. mini lin speedy

  3. damier azur speedy 30

  4. damier azur saleya mm

  5. batignolles horizontal

  6. cabas mezzo

  7. vavin gm

  8. antigua cabas gm in white

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  1. will you guys help me pick which bag to get when i go to hawaii?
    i want ont that that will hold my school books, so if it wouldnt work as a book holder, then i dont want it...i know that the speedies can sag a little!
    the choices are:
    Mono Speedy 35
    Mini lin speedy
    Damier Azur speedy 30
    Damier Azur saleya MM
    Batignolles horizontal
    cabas mezzo
    vavin gm
    antigua cabas gm

    p.s. sorry bout the saleya pic. its hard to find pics of saleya mm
  2. I got 3 bags out of your choices and I would say I love my mini lin speedy mostly.
    My voted go for mini lin.

    Azur is also lovely but I think Mini Lin will be more classic and looks more classy.

    (I'm coming back :smile: )
  3. For use as a book bag I would say any of those except the speedy. It's just my personal opinion of course but I don't think a speedy would look good stuffed with books.
  4. Antigua!
  5. The BH will hold a book and a folder and that's it. It's not really good for a school bag if you're carrying more than that. My vote was the Antigua.
  6. Damier azur saleya MM
  7. I would go for the Cabas GM in the mono, just as it is pictured above.
  8. Oh shoot, I voted Cabas Mezzo, but I really should've picked the Saleya MM...The reason why I'm against the Mezzo is because although it holds a ton and is really big, it doesn't have reinforced straps, and I'm afraid that over time the straps could break off.

    Of course, I know that there are some pfers who have this bag and it works really well for them!

    But I still prefer the saleya mm for your case. It's just as big as the mezzo and will hold a lot of books.

    The antigua GM will work really great, too! BH is what mewlicious says, it's big, but it won't hold a lot of books.
  9. i wouldn't think a speedy would be good for a school bag. it might get pretty heavy with books in it. i vote bh!
  10. For a school bag ..... my vote is for the Antigua :love:
  11. BH looks like it would make a great school bag!
  12. Either the BH or the Mezzo. I have both and use them for school books/notebooks all the time. I wouldn't suggest a Speedy for school books at all, it's not really good for that purpose and gets quite heavy.
  13. i have the batignolles horizontal and cabas mezzo and I love both bags. I would try them on at the LV store and she which fits better over your shoulder.
  14. I don't think any LV bags will make good school bags, books are too heavy and eventually the handles or something on the bag will have some damage caused by the weight. It is not worth spending this type of money on a bag not made for that purpose.
  15. My vote goes to:

    Antigua (Fuss free!)
    Cabas Mezzo (Better yet, if u have it in Damier! :biggrin: )
    Damier Saleya MM