My BIG little reveal

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  1. birkel, thanks for your well wishes!

    LabRat, you are my new ban buddy indeed!

    Nurse, Steakfrite, & Chanel thank you all for joining in on my reveal--I'll see you both on our usual thread! :biggrin:

    VickyB & hanyeu, the boots are indeed Rouge H--I wasn't aware that they even come in another color called "red"... I just translate H colors into English when I speak (so all the different vert colors come out of my mouth as green unless I make a specific mental note to be specific).

    lulilu, haha you're right about me having hit all seasons--I hadn't realized it.

    canadianstudies, the blue shoes also come in an amazing bootie (but they didn't have my size).

    chkpfbeliever & nattie1020, red is my fav color :blush:

    Elina0408 & Celia_Hish, the boots were def a HG for me in the boot department. I'm a strong believe in all women being able to fit a pair of jumping boots in their lives. :smile:
  2. I just found this post - and LOVE your new finds, but esp love your jumping boots!!! Congratulations!!! :graucho:
  3. CONGRATULATIONS, LittleMsPerfect!

    Beautiful shoes and stole. So happy for you!
  4. Wow, a beautiful selection of shoes! I love the bolduc stole too and have it in a different colourway. They are so easy to wear. Many congrats on everything!
  5. WOW..I LOVE your H HAUL! The Boots & Pumps are GORGEOUS! Everything is fabulous! Congratulations!!
    Love your Chanels too!!! :P

    Sigh..I WISH, Hermes would make the Jumping Boots for Men!!