My BIG little reveal

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  1. Thank you, thank you everyone for stopping by.

    --The blue shoes are such a trip and also look cute with jeans.

    I was afraid the rouge jumping boots would be too "loud" but they actually are quite wearable! And so comfy!!

    LuvBirkin, lol, while trying to capture the color of the boots, I did a quick run-through of my home and pulled together anything I could think of that I have in red. When I put everything away I thought of my red chanel: ((Not to wear together, but to show the color difference))

  2. Love them all especially those blue shoes divine darling enjoy in the best of health for ever.
  3. Really? They look good in the pics!

    The red is such a stunning color! I have been dying to break out my black ones recently, but it still still in the 80s here! :sad:

    I saw in the "Young and in Love..." thread that you'll be joining me on a ban. It's good to have a ban buddy (of course never good to be on a ban)! ;)
  4. :faint:

    Wow! Everything is lovely. The blue shoes went straight to my heart. Congratulations and I am so happy for you! Your wear Hermès so well. :smile:
  5. LittleMiss - wonderful items!!! Are the boots Rouge H or red? Thansk!
  6. congrats on your haul!

    the rouge H(?) jumping boots are gorgeous!
  7. Lovely purchases, enjoy them all....
  8. Wow! It's a shoe-in!!!! Congrats!
  9. Great reveal -- shoes for all seasons! And love your shawl too!
  10. Great haul, I love all your new purchases especially the boots and the Bolduc shawl. Love your Chanel flap as well.
    Many congratulations to you and enjoy :biggrin:!
  11. Those blue shoes are just divine! :love:
  12. Beautiful reds !!! Congrats on all the new goodies.
  13. i LOVE them in red!!!
  14. Mega Reveal!! Many congrats!! Best boots ever!! :tup::tup::smile:
  15. Congrats to ur new loot.....everything looks STUNNING especially ur red jumping boots and till now still my HG boots, one day i hope to own it....U look gorgy on ur new boots.