My BIG little reveal

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  1. Love the boots!!! Congrats!
  2. Those boots are to die for! Congrats.
  3. and omg my new baby!!!

  4. Congratulations, LittleMsPerfect! Those red Kelly jumping boots are hot and incredible find!
  5. Congrats!! :woohoo:
  6. A big thank you to everyone for checking out my new goodies. Here are my final shots:



  7. congrats....very nice purchases....i particularly heart the blue shoes....i can see the details on the heels....well made. of course, all the items are good.
  8. wow, what a haul! I'm so glad the jumping boots worked out for you - they are wonderful aren't they?! Congrats!!
  9. Hey!! I was so inspired from other shots here than I just knew I had to have them, though I can't climb stairs because it'll make the back fold---they are too high on me, lol.

    I figure that some leggings may camouflage the height or some TIGHT jeggings... we will see!!

  10. Congrats on your new purchases! My fave are the red boots! The colour is TDF and looks beautiful with denim! Enjoy! :biggrin:
  11. The shoes are TDF (especially the boots) and I love bolduc in a stole!! Congratulations!
  12. congrats!!! i like this shot!!
  13. Great reveal - love the stole/boots and shoes! Congratulations!
  14. Congrats! Love the shoes and the stole! :yes:
  15. Oh my! Red jumping boots! Congrats to your lovely haul! (I like the "red" comparison pic, very funny :biggrin:)