My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC

  1. Now see they are more my picture of gypsies, not so much the travellers.
  2. On the UK version, did anyone else notice that almost all the girls have HUGE boobs? I even googled it to see what other people said and they all thought the same thing! Even the younger teenagers seemed to have them.

  3. LOL. I noticed that too. I got a male co-worker watching the UK show just because of that!
  4. Yupp, they do everything they can to push them up and out to the max.

    The American version of this show is just like Jersey Shore in a trailer park.
  5. ^ It's also the processed food now. As well as the body fat %.. As well as studies showed UK being bigger within the breast size compared to rest (europe)
  6. ^^ Yeah, most of them are a bit on the thicker side. That's interesting about the study...I wonder what it is? Increased Estrogen levels in the water or something like that? Off to google...

    I think most of the girls are quite pretty. The boys, not so much...
  7. I wish we would get the dressmakers show here. Sondra Celli from the US has a new series on TLC called Bling it on! starting this Thur. My DVR is set to record, though I liked the English dressmaker better.
  8. Oh good to know! Yeah I liked Thelma better too. But I'll settle for Sondra!
  9. I watched the NatGeo show, American Gypsies and wasn't impressed. At least not til the last episode where there was a wedding, and the bride wore 3 gowns. One of her choice, one the grooms family choses, and a third for the vows.
  10. OMG I didn't even make it thru the entire first episode, they were booooorrriiiiiiing!
  11. I DVR'ed it and fast forward through most of the episodes. The final episode was the only one worth watching.