My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC

  1. Round of applause for Chantelle!!! Good thing she didn't have any children with her hubby and she's getting on with her life. Seeing that life outside of the traveller community has it's rewards - such as being able to go to college and have her own life!
  2. LOL! Yes! Thelma could start a line of divorce dresses....
  3. Why do I get this feeling that when people go to these weddings, they contribute money? It sounds as if the bridal couple really never know how many are going to show up. They don't send formal invites. It is word of mouth. You could get hit with a ton of people.
  4. Firecracker Films is the production company. They did a one-off show as part of the Cutting Edge documentary series on Channel 4. It was hugely popular, so they turned it into a series. I think the ones that have aired in the US were recut. I know they put an American voice over on them (and the subtitles crack me up).

    Thelma Madine was approached by the producers:
  5. for real. They tops of their dresses were even padded.

    That lady worked WONDERS with the animal shelter....but dang the bride should have used some of that money to fix her teeth.
  6. I was so put off by the make-up that I missed the padding. What fix your teeth when you can spend it on the big dress?:p
  7. They never made a second season of this show?
  8. I was annoyed by several little kids that tried to hit or push the stilt walker over at the animal shelter wedding. It wasn't just one kid, it was a few of them. I was shocked that anyone would let their kid do that. Completely inappropriate.
  9. I saw that and was appalled! I have the feeling that aggressive behavior is more acceptable for boys. I did not notice the gender of the children doing this.
  10. yep, VERY badly behaved. I saw that too!
  11. Love the show!!! forgot about the "Royal Special" must watch that tonight!!!
  12. Sunday at 8pm is a special called My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas. Is is not about the wedding but the Communions which has equally as outrageous dresses.
  13. I have it saved to record on my DVR. :yahoo:
  14. The travelers seem like so much more fun than most people. People take themselves way too seriously. The travelers just dress up in awesome outfits, dance, party it up and have a great time. Minus the whole living in a trailer, no real jobs or financial security, and women subservience and confinement to domestic affiars I'm a fan of their life mentality LOL.

    So basically what I'm saying is I think the vast majority of their opinions are :wacko:, but they sure know how to put together a he!l of a soiree :drinkup: