My Big Decision!

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  1. Hi girls! I'm usually over on the MJ board but have been lurking over here for a bit and realized....I NEED a pair of designer heels now!! :graucho: So, I've done my research and have narrowed it down to: Manolo Blahnik open-toe Mary Janes OR CL Simple Pumps in Nude or Black. :drool: I love the look of the MB's but I'm in the Northeast and wouldn't be able to use them year round. And the CL's are amazing too but again....who wears closed toes in the spring/summer? Ugh, I guess I need your personal opinions on comfort and quality and also...if they are ever on sale?! Thanks Ladies!

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  2. I am partial to CL shoes so I recommend the simple pumps. Firstly, this shoe even in the 100mm heel is extremely comfortable. I wear mine to work and I do a lot of walking, my feet never hurt at the end of the day. Also, this is a shoe that you can absolutely wear year round. Nothing wrong with a closed toe pump in the spring/summer time. But it would be hard to wear the MB mary janes in the snow and cold weather. I don't believe that I have ever seen the simple pump on sale in the basic colors because it is a carryover style that is always available. But the good news is that the simple pump is reasonably priced at $530. But if you do decide to get them because it seems like every season, CL prices continue to go up. So get them soon before they become more expensive.
    Good luck!
  3. SIMPLE PUMPS!! I agree with Kamilla.

    I got lucky and got mines on sale at Barneys
  4. ^^NO WAY!!! What color did you get?!? I am so jealous!!
  5. Black kid leather 85mm for $62
  6. That is an amazing deal, I can't even believe that. $62!?! that's not even the price of a heel on most CL shoes. I would love to hear how you scored that. I have never seen CL shoes for anywhere close to that price.
  7. :wtf: I would have bought 7 of them!!! lol
  8. Ooh, gosh, I love them both. But even though I actually like the MBs better, if you can only get 1, the simple pump is very practical and probably a better decision
  9. Twice a year, there is a Barney's warehouse sale (as some of you know). Everything is around 50% off. Towards the end of the sale, they mark 40% off the sale price. Blue items (as is) gets marked down 50% off the sale price and then towards the end, 75% off. The simple pumps had light scrapes on the soles so they considered it as a "as is" item and gave me 75% off the 50% off sale price!
  10. I also agree you should get the CL simple pumps
  11. Oh, that's where I bought the Manolo Ringos. I think they were about $170ish
  12. It just blows me away that there were simple pumps at the sale - I would have thought that they would have gone in MINUTES of that door being open (which is why I skipped it - I had no desire to wait for hours to be pushed and shoved)
  13. HSL, wow! I have always avoided the Barneys warehouse sale because the few times that I did go, I had to wait in line for over an hour just to be hugely disappointed. But I am going to start going after hearing that story. Nice find!
  14. my vote goes for the simple pumps too. they're a great classic style that you can wear all year round!
  15. Since you're in Jersey, you should probably get the simple pumps. You will be able to wear them year round, but if you don't like closed toe shoes in spring/summer, you can def wear from end of Sept through end of March. You will get your money out of those babies, that's for sure!