My big Buddy

  1. This is Buddy. :yahoo:
    buddy_ball.jpg buddy_car.jpg buddy_cute.jpg buddy_paw.jpg buddy_yawn.jpg
  2. Awwww... He's the cutest!:nuts:
  3. :heart: what a cutie!
  4. Aww He looks so friendly.
  5. Happy and cute!

  6. He looks like he is a great friend and companion!
  7. very cute
  8. Awww...he is so cute.
  9. Awe what a happy go lucky guy!
  10. He is adorable!
  11. Totally heart melting!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. He looks so happy--what an adorable face!

    Thank you for sharing pics!
  13. He's a real cutie!
  14. He looks like such a happy, nice boy! How old is he?
  15. Hes getting old, but he still thinks he's a puppy most of the time. lol :p
    buddy_sleep.jpg buddy_toy.jpg buddy_xmas.jpg