My Big Beautiful Blue Box!

  1. Thanks to a wonderful tPF member I think I have found the PERFECT size bag for me!! The First is a little small and the City is a little big so I decided to give the Box a shot. Here is my lovely Cornflower beauty! She fits all my things perfectly, not to mention the custom "purseket" I had made feels like it was made for me! Perfect fit! YAY!!!!!!!

    lol the photos make the Cornflower looks just the wrong color. The blue is a little grey-er than this. I tried to adjust a bit in Photoshop but its' still a LITTLE off. =)
    100_0666.jpg 100_0667.jpg 100_0677.jpg 100_0671.jpg 100_0674.jpg
  2. Beautiful!! Congratulations. I'm still savin' up for my first B-bag!
  3. Beautiful!!! I love blue! Did you have to give up your City? Your ocean blue first inspired my first bbag :girlsigh:
  4. Very nice. I love that colour. Congrats
  5. Very pretty, love the blue color.
  6. she looks great on you! and the perfect size most definitely!
  7. lovely- looks like it's in great condition! I'm still planning to get a box one day when the perfect one comes along- have yet to see it IRL, but I really love the size and shape! I looove my first, but like you said it's a lil too small,and the city is also a lil too big for me.
  8. Congrats. :yahoo:It looks cute on you.:tup:
  9. gorgeous! i love the box's too bad that balenciaga stopped making the was the perfect in-between size.
  10. Love your handbag and what a cute purseket!
  11. Love love love, i think i've some weird obsession for blue bags, everytime i see one i fall in love!
  12. Love it - absolute BBag perfection.
  13. Incredibly pretty! Love all your adorable accessories too. And REALLY cute tassel/charm!! And the sweatpants are perfect!! A woman after my own heart!!! :tup: (Actually, not quite...sweats AND Birkenstocks...THAT'S my style!!! :p

  14. Gorgeous! I love the Box, and Cornflower is such a beautiful shade of blue! Congratulations!!
  15. lol yeah I was just getting ready for bed. Gotta love comfy PJ's!! ;)

    Thanks everyone! I took the shoulder strap off, I just love how light it is and it's feels great hanging on my arm! =D I'm not 100 percent about the Cornflower as I'm not USUALLY a blue fan but I'm going to give her a real shot! =D