My Big Bad White Burberry! Opinions?

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  1. This is my first foray into Burberry, so HI! I was at Nordstrom yesterday and this bag jumped at me, whipped out my CC and hopped in my car :shame: It's a really great white color - not too yellow nor too stark - perfect for summer and winter white. AND very lightweight (I'm used to lugging Chloe). I love the classic lines too - not trendy so it should have a looooong life.

    My bag-hangover today has me second-guessing the steep price though ($1430). I can't find it online anywhere either so my hopes of finding it less someday may be slim. Does anyone else have this bag or have you seen it IRL? Familiar with the line? Thoughts? I'm a total Burberry newbie, sorry! TIA!!! :flowers:



  2. that is really beautiful! i always have a soft spot for burberry. I love the lining!
  3. Oh its really pretty. I can believe it to be $1430 though.... cos its mostly leather. Even the regular pvc bags are like $500-$700
  4. Nice! I like it esp the leather and color =)
  5. It is goegeous, I love everything about it, congrats
  6. Very pretty- it looks soft and yummy, Congrats!
  7. Its gorgeous :heart:
  8. Thanks for all the positive reinforcement, ladies!

    I discovered a possibly tragic flaw - the decorative turnlock in front really sticks out and jabs my arm when I put it on my shoulder. My arm is throbbing and probably bruised now... m-u-s-t s-t-o-p p-l-a-y-i-n-g !! LOL!
  9. Gorgeous! Love the Birkin-esque hardware.
  10. Lovely congratulations.
  11. Thanks, yes, that appealed to me too although it's that same hardware that's poking my arm! Since this is much less $$ than a Birkin I thought it would be less painful to carry - silly me! LOL!

    I did find this bag on Burberry UK site in black and brown simply called "Leather Handheld Bag." I guess they are being straight-up about not wearing it on the shoulder! :rolleyes:
  12. gorgeous bag!!! love it!! keep it!!!
  13. LOVE IT!!!!!!

    If the price wasn't so high, I'd go out and get me one right now :biggrin:
  14. Gorgeous. You have a great taste, enjoy your first Burberry!
  15. very pretty, congrats!!