My big adventure to the Chicago BV boutique!

  1. Most of you know that I am a relative newbie to this brand. Where I live, we have a very limited number of stores that carry BV. I try to glean most of my information from tPF...especially when it comes to pictures.

    But last weekend, that became greatly augmented with my first visit to a BV boutique. In fact, I visited every designer bag boutique and department store in the Mag Mile area of Chicago. If any of you have visited the Chicago BV, I'd love to hear your impressions.

    My experience was very positive. First off, I have to say that I just love SA Kevin Frederick. :smooch: He treated me and my fellow Pfer, Robyn, like royalty. We had stuff to drink and he showed us all the exotics that were "stashed" in the back. ;) He knew a lot about the brand and was not pretentious or snootie. We spent an hour or more there on Friday. Besides the great treatment we received, the bags were TDF. They had all the usual suspects: Venetas, Sloanes, Knots, large Capris, etc. What really captured my attention was the selection of LE exotics. Hooo-boy, I almost needed CPR, LOL! :drool:

    They had cobra, tigersnake, karung, python, croc, and stingray. I could not resist the karung framed satchel. It should arrive sometime this week. :yahoo:

    I also saw an Ottone tote and the silver/gold metallic Knot. We also perused the wallets.

    The net day, I went back and got a beautiful wallet for the DH. It is about time he had a great wallet! I also fell in love with the frog coin purse and a keychain.

    When they arrive, I will post pics on this thread.

    My first love is Jimmy Choo. But BV is a close second. I see no reason to look to any other brands. We also went to Hermes, and I'll tell you, as a person who has sewn for a long time, the BV quality of construction is nearly as good. Anyway, I could rave and rave. But, I'm preachin' to the choir, right?
  2. Oh my, jburgh, you took the plunge on a BV exotic! Can`t wait to see pics when the karung frame bag arrives along with her little siblings!

    I`m glad you liked your visit to the store. I don´t know how they do it (esp. here in Europe where we just have a lower standard of service than you guys stateside do), but BV SAs always struck me as helpful, friendly and polite and always gave me the impression of being welcome.

    Congrats again and I`m bursting of curiosity about that Karung bag!
  3. jburgh,I have a question about the frog coin purse....does it look like a frog? I collect frogs. Do I need this??
  4. jburgh, great to hear that you had a blast at the boutique!! I've been to NYC and SF boutiques, and they really do treat you with utmost courtesy and show great enthusiasm/knowledge in their brand, even if you are just looking. Now I can't wait to see your pics!! Oh, and tell your hubby how lucky he is to have such a sweet wife!!;)

    And, I think you do, LLANeedle, it must be this one and I believe it comes in different colours:

    I am hoping to come across a turtle one myself.:love:
  5. OMG LLANeedle, it looks just like a frog! The mouth opens, so cute. I bought the brown one. They had it in brown and black. I loved the fish, but needed something a little bigger.
  6. OMG, I think I'm in love. Thanks Mid- for the pic.
  7. Arrrggghhh! How I wish I could go back to Chicago and walk the mile again!!
  8. jburgh, sounds like you had a lot of fun. Can't wait to see your new BV arrivals - congrats!
  9. Wow jburgh, it sounds like you had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see your loot! I don't know what I would do in a BV boutique... our BV selection in Vancouver is limited like yours (but unlike poor mistikat in Toronto at least we are not JUST stuck with Holt Renfrew's lame-o selection, because we also have Leone that carries some BV as well). I think I would start hyperventilating or something if I actually was in a store with nothing but BV in it!

    And the animal coin purses also come in ladybugs... nice bright red ladybugs...
  10. jburgh,
    congrats on your purchases! cant wait for pics!
  11. wowee jburgh, I'm excited to see pics of your karung. I've heard that skin wears really well, congratulations!
  12. Sounds amazing Jburgh, I can't wait to see your karung frame satchel, which colour did you choose???
  13. I have never paid much attention to the little animals purses.... or is it that the boutique in Singapore hardly carries them? Must check them out the next time I'm there window-shopping (just window shopping I hope). I must say the froggies are really cute!
  14. Brown, grey and carmel-ly tones. The karung is loosely woven so you can see the metallic pewter suede lining through it.
  15. Sounds like you had an amazing time (I read Robyn's account on the JC subforum, too). What a fun idea!