My bicolour box calf birkin

  1. Just want to share my box calf beauty with the TPFers. She is a 35cm brown box PHW with contrast vermillion piping and inner lining. She is so gorgeous and perfect that I am somewhat in awe and afraid to use her. She is a work of Hermes art...:nuts:

    She was bought by a guy friend of mine who wanted to surprise his girlfriend (now fiancee :p ) on a special dinner date. She was bowled over by his generous gesture of course... However, turns out the 35cm was too big for her frame (she's a petite 5 footer). He got her a kelly (28cm) which she was totally in love with. And needless to say, I swooped in like a vulture and willingly took this stunner off her...:drool: :drool:

  2. Oooh! SOOOOO Pretty - love chocolate box calf and that piping is stunning! :love:

    Congrats!! :yahoo:
  3. Lucky You!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  4. CHOCOLATE BOX!!!! YES!!!!!!! SO beautiful Archangel......CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! More pics please.....more, more!!!
  5. Wow, what a fantastic bag, and what a way to help a friend out!! :graucho: I love that chocolate colour, too, and the red piping makes it very unique and special. Congratulations. What a fantastic "unplanned purchase" !!
  6. Wow..this is just breathtaking! Congratulations!!!!:love:
  7. Gorgeous birkin, lucky you! Archangel, how did your guy friend manage to score this prize and how was he smart enough to know to get it? He sounds like a sweetheart!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous beyond words!!! Choc box is soooo yummy and how pretty with the contrast piping and lining. I agree with D. MORE PICS!!!!!
  9. georgeous. i wish i can have that too..
  10. What a SCORE....enjoy it.
  11. Congratulations! Wow love the bicolor!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations!
  13. I love that image :roflmfao:
    Beautiful bag!
  14. Absolutely love bi-color box! And brown is my dream color!!! Congrats!
  15. Oh my...I can just picture you on that bag the minute she said it was too big!!!


    Enjoy it in the best of health.