My BI Twiggy is here.

  1. Hi every one, i just got my BI Twiggy today from BalNY and i thought may be you gals would like to see more pics. My SA did a great job in picking the bag for me. Color and the leather is gorgeous.:yahoo:
    OK i am trying to upload pics and it is exceeding the PF limit. Can some one help? Thanks:sad:
  2. yes please, where is it!!
  3. Faden i am having hard time to upload it. Can you help me?:sad:
  4. you have to reduce the size first in photoshop if you have it. =) Or email them to someone who can do it for you.
  5. Thanks:heart:Here we go:jammin:
    img_1583 (3).jpg IMG_1582 (2).JPG
  6. Congratulations!!! That is such gorgeous leather!!! I love how it's so smooth and creamy looking! Yum!!!

    Btw, who picked it for you! I got my blue india first from BalNY and love her too!
  7. mas2388- i was having such a hard time uploading my pics. Do you see both pics? (front and back). I just started another thread with two pics and it shows both sides. The leather is so smooshy, soft and no veins. Sarah is my SA and she is wonderful and she always does a great job for me.:love:
  8. wow that leather!!!! i'm dying here, i want a blue india already!
  9. Hi Nanaz, I do see both pics! I'm glad you got to fix your pics! She looks so beautiful!
  10. mas2388- you can see the pics bigger in the other thread.:smile:
  11. One more time.:wlae:
    IMG_1583 (3).JPG IMG_1582 (2).JPG
  12. My BI Twiggy buddy! Congrats, isn't she gorgeous???
  13. Yes Glimmer, i just saw yours yesterday and i was patiently waiting for mine today to arrive.:yes:
  14. Just when I talk myself out of BI since I am not a blue person, you and Glimmer are killing me with these pictures. It is beautiful and the leather looks gorgeous.:yahoo:
  15. Nice, the leather is gorgeous and I love the color too! Congrats!