My BI Twiggy had an incident with a pen!

  1. My husband, god knows how, was searching through my bag (and there was a black pen nearby) and somehow, this inflicted a 4cm long black line on the side of my recently new (3 weeks old) - Blue India Twiggy!

    I was furious to say the least, and so upset (but he just had knee surgery so I wasn't able to vent my frustration too much)... anyway he felt guilty and told me to try out our leather sofa cleaning kit we had purchased a year ago (it was about 100 bucks okay not too overly expensive)...

    It worked! The cleaner took the mark away, the conditioner then softened and gave it back its natural shine, and the protector was placed on afterwards to prevent any further marks to the spot.

    This is the first time I have managed to get a pen mark off a bag and am shocked.

    I also used the conditioner on my Dark Blue/Navy First that had a dry patch, and this restored it completely...

    So can sleep easy again.... Any others had amazing stories of saving your bag from potential disaster with household items??
  2. wow! Sooo glad that your twiggy is back to perfection again! I was so worried that the pen mark would be unremoveable! By the way, was it a ballpoint pen or ...? And what's the name of the cleaning kit?
  3. :sweatdrop:Phew, glad your Bbag is okay!! Amazing that you got that ink off!
  4. I'm glad that e pen mark can be removed or else i guess u will be devastated.....same as me, i will freaked out if i see any prominent marks on my bag esp a totally new bag.....Glad u can sleep well, or else u will keep thinkin abt that.....heheehe
  5. Congrat!! my friend did same thing on her BI city, I'll def. tell her to try on your method.

    BTW, what's the product's name?? :confused1: TIA.
  6. Hi guys - will post the name of the product/kit tomorrow. Just packed up in a box in the midst of preparing my move back to London, so will grab the details tomorrow.

    I don't think it was the particular brand that made it work, I think it was the concept of sofa leather cleaners that are designed to specifically remove stains & marks etc, but provide conditioning afterwards. So I think you need to look for a the kit from the places you would buy a sofa leather cleaner from.

    I use it on my sofa's once every 2 or 3 mths, and everyone is always commenting how they look like its still brand new, even after 1.5 years.

    I wanted to share the story, as I know pen disasters are bound to happen - and if this solution worked for me, I know it can work for others!

    BTW - the pen was a ballpoint, so that's even worse!
  7. Oh, I was nauseated reading the relieved it came out. That would have been terrible if it didn't. :sweatdrop: Congrats...what was the brand of cleaner?
  8. I am glad it worked! I love BI and I hate to think of it getting ruined like that.
  9. Wow! I am soo happy something worked!

    I would also love to know the name of the cleaner. My little 2 year old took a pen to a leather upholstered bed of ours and the Coach cleaner didn't touch it.
  10. definitely tell us the brand! it's unusual to find a cleaner/conditioner kit that restores the leather to the normal b bag's good to know which one does this!
  11. I'm so glad to hear you were able to remove the ink. What a scare! Ink can be tricky. Better when still fresh and not absorbed to deeply into the leather fibers.
  12. phew!!! :sweatdrop: I thought you'd be finishing the thread with asking how to bury a body.... :shocked: :ninja:
  13. It sounds like I need to know the name of this miraculous leather kit! I'm a super klutz and also a Sharpie-a-holic and Rollerball-a-holic so I'm bound to get a pen stain or two eventually.... Please share when you get the chance :smile: TIA~!
  14. good thing this story had a happy ending. good job getting the ink out. and thanks for the tip.
  15. :roflmfao: :lol: