my bh w/accessories- pics (bad ones, but pics naytheless)

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  1. i'm not a decorating bag type of person, but i *needed* this juicy charm (a kind pfer got it for me) and i will probable use it as a keychain w/a cles. i bought the scarf at the coach outlet to wear in my hair, but i thought it would look nice on my bh, too. sorry about the poor photo quality!
    103_0384.JPG 103_0385.JPG 103_0386.JPG 103_0387.JPG 103_0388.JPG
  2. I love your BH! Gorgeous. Also, the Juicy charm is irresistable.
  3. beautiful! congrats
  4. Nice!
  5. Looks great!
  6. it looks great. i love those juicy charms. a few PFers collact them.
  7. It's lovely...Congrats!!!
  8. Juicy charms are so sweet looking. I especially like that one and the pink cupcake!
  9. thanks- i love that little charm. and i love my bh!
  10. So cute- love how it looks!
  11. congrats!
  12. so cute!
  13. Very Cute!!!!
  14. I love thee juicy charm and the coach charm on your BH! A nice change to jazz it up a little..