My BH Story...long post!

  1. i bought my bh from an lv boutique in admiralty last march 30 and took it to singapore with me. when i went home, i noticed that the buckles on both sides of the bag were oxidized (there were marks on the hardware!!!). :confused1: i was so surprised since i've never had problems with the quality of lv bags before. so i took it back to the boutique. instead of replacing it right away, the SA who helped me said i should wait 7 days. i knew they needed to check it to make sure i wasn't returning a fake but wasn't happy to have to wait that long.
    anyway, i went back to lv today (3 days after i turned my bag in) just to check on my bag. the manager, clara (i love her!!!), was there and she said "normally, we would wait a couple of days but i will just give you a new one.":yahoo: i was so happy. the defective bh that i bought was made in france and they replaced it with a made in spain but i don't really mind. at least they gave me a new bag in just 3 days. :yes: i am going to stay loyal to this lv branch just because of the great manager. she's the one who sold me my first lv, too (5 months ago). she helped out because the store was really busy then. so anyone who's looking for a good boutique to visit here in hk should try going to the one in pacific place. granted the central branch is bigger but this one goes the extra mile for it's customers. :smile:
  2. Glad to see another PF-er who shops at LV Pacific Place. I love it there, much more quieter and more personal service :yes:
  3. great story, happy ending! :heart: the bh looks so good on you, glad you got a replacement! (but, you always had your beautiful new chanel bag to use in the interim....:graucho: )
  4. Glad you were able to exchange it! Very strange that it did the oxidation thing. Did the hardware turn a brown color? Just curious...

    This is not the same thing, but my mono Speedy 30's leather piping on one side of the purse has turned dark compared to the normal patina. It's not noticeable to most people, in fact, I didn't even notice it until after I had the person for more than a year, but it's weird. The purse did not get wet at all (I'm super careful with my LVs), but the darkness on the piping is on one side of the bag and it's just strange. But, I still love my Speedy!

    BH is a GREAT purse!!!! I have one too and I just love it!!!
  5. That's great! How wonderful :} Congrats!
  6. I think it's so good that we get these stories on good customer service and happy endings out! Louis Vuitton Service is in general wonderful ( at least here in Europe), but often the bad incidents are the ones getting the most attention.

    I'm happy that everything worked out so smoothly. =)
  7. yay congrats! thats great news! xx
  8. thats such a great story! I had a speedy exchange situation a couple months ago and the manager at the Short Hills store in NJ was exremely helpful! I highly recommend it there, and I know I will stay loyal to the company because of the excellent service.
  9. So after a yr they gave you a new bag?

    Is this an issue with the BH?
  10. glad to hear it all went well! i actually prefer the pacific place one over the central or tst one. the service at PP is really good. i shop there whenever i'm back in HK. so happy though to hear you got a brand new bag!
  11. i love hearing happy customer service stories. congrats on your NEW BH, its such a great bag!
  12. Happy to hear that you are pleased!
  13. congrats, glad they made it right.
  14. Glad you got a replacement. But I think the brass hardware does tha over time. My mono Speedy's brass is also like that
  15. congrats! now that is customer service! im waiting for my bh from eluxury so Im crossing my fingers it's perfect!